First Month in Kindle Unlimited Part 2 – Was It Worth It?

lunch with grandma and grandpa medFirst Month in Kindle Unlimited Part 2 –

Was It Worth It?


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First Month in Kindle Unlimited Part 2 –

Was It Worth It?


October 24, 2014

Category – Platform Advantages

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Personally – Yes

As detailed in Part 1, I now have time to exercise properly and do things that are improving not only my health, but we sense of well-being.

That’s a hard thing to say hasn’t been worth it. It has.

If things change in the future, regarding staying exclusive for so much of my work on Kindle Unlimited, marketing time will have to remain where it basically is now, ie, much reduced.


Business Wise – To Soon To Say


Despite the fact that nothing was borrowed my whole first month in Kindle Unlimited (KU), and only one sale occurred –

And that more was still made on other outlets, despite about 90% of my titles now in KU –

There are factors still mitigating for experimenting with Kindle Unlimited :

  • Other Sales are not so significant on the other outlets that a temporary trial in KU wasn’t worth it.
  • KU Sales and borrows “may” pick up in Kindle Unlimited. If they don’t, that means discoverability, for me, wasn’t enhanced being in KU. But there’s two more months to see.
  • Reporting Time : Some sales/borrows for both Apple and Scribd from mid-summer weren’t reported to me on Smashwords until the last week, and even today (see Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at top). Whatever the problem, it’s magnified by the fact that free downloads (via Selects marketing promotion tools) show up almost immediately in Amazon.
  • Timely Payments : Getting email notices of impending payments from Amazon from Europe and the U.S., however small (and currently MIA the last 30 days since joining Select and Kindle Unlimited), dwarf getting months-long reports and once-every-ninety day payments from Smashwords. If exclusive on Amazon proves unrewarding for me at the end of the ninety day period, D2D might be worth seriously looking into.

These are serious issues : sales, reporting time, payment time – and would need to be balanced with having time for a balanced enjoyable life.

If sales are not factor at this time, whichever route I take, and I register my work with the Library of Congress to further protect my intellectual property (IP), then I’m ok with the route I’m on at this time :

Experimenting on Kindle Unlimited regarding discoverability, and, sales or borrows (ie, money to me).

Best wishes everyone (smiles).


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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