My Surprise Reason for Still Reading Traditionally Published Authors

One Night in the Hill Country med v3My Surprise Reason for Still Reading Traditionally Published Authors


A thriller: One Night in the Hill Country

Read through to the end nearly every time.

A novella set in Central Texas.


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My Surprise Reason for Still Reading Traditionally Published Authors


June 19, 2015

I myself am an Indie author, meaning, for me, I self-publish my work.

For a long while, I mostly still only read traditionally published authors. They were whom I knew, and enjoyed. And make no mistake, I still very much enjoy the work of Raymond Chandler, Janet Evanovich, Lee Child, Lee Goldberg, even James Patterson.

But slowly, then more fully, I began discovering self-published writers I enjoyed reading. Enough so I fairly dropped my reading of traditionally published authors. I discovered Gemma Halliday, Matthew Iden (who has since signed with an Amazon imprint), Joe Konrath, Ann Voss Peterson, and Andrew Updegrove.

From there, flood gates opened. Lesley Hayes is a marvel. As are many many others, including budding writers with few works, often flawed, but nevertheless fascinating: Simon E Bond, Silas Payton, Diana J Ferby, Rhonda Hopkins, Tom Benson, Carl Jones, Robert Swisher, Sherri DeWeese, and so many more it truly is a flood gate opened.

This doesn’t even include highly anticipated readings of work from indies like Katerina Sestakova Novotna (in Hawaii), Eric Lahti, Ceri Bladen, Mike Billington, Patrick Christopher Power, and a host of others I feel shamed not being able to mention them all.

And in quiet moments of deciding, I have wondered: why bother even going back to traditionally published writers? I enjoy the Indie writers’ work just as much, more often than not. Coming across a writer I don’t care for is a fear just as valid for new (to me) untried trad pub authors.

I know I still love the flips of danger and humor in Janet Evanovich’s novels. She didn’t produce 20 plus enduring Stephanie Plum books out of mere hype. Open a page to Raymond Chandler and his work speaks for itself. Lee Child will carry you to the end of each of his books, panting. Lee Goldberg is proven and continues to prove out on paper, big screen, and television. James Patterson, whoever or whatever he is 🙂 is an empire of creative content: Zoo, a powerful if flawed work (didn’t I say that earlier about Indie books?) opens on prime time TV this month (and I can’t wait to see how it stacks up to the book).

So what’s the surprise, continuing to read these writers’ work?

Because, like most Indie work, none are perfect.

A little tightening in the pacing needed here, a breather needed there; less description, more; too much dialog, not enough. A need for clarity.

I read the top writers’ work, Indie work, and my own, and see more in common than different.

And if I enjoy continuing to create stories, then reading traditionally published authors, along with Indie writers, reminds me – I’m doing ok.

I’m in the creative content flow of my time.

I’m grounded in my culture.

And yet original –


Thanks so much.

All the best, for all of us 🙂



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