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There is a reason Paris, in one form or another, has endured from before the Romans, through the Nazis, and now today, early into our 21st century.


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City of Love


November 15, 2015

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This will be short.

I’d love to live in Paris.

My wife, via her mother’s side, is half French.

I write about Paris: memoir visits, short stories, novellas.

We’ve stayed in Paris extended time. About this time of year.

And I’ve come to realize what I saw at the core of all the natural and man-made beauty: love.

It stretches from a love of the truth and science and humanity, to all the arts people have devised to express those loves: dance, opera, literature, art, sculpture.

And maybe most of all: people.

Love in the people of France and inside Paris pre-existed the Romans (even if they called themselves something else back then), survived the Nazis (apparently including Hitler’s order to bomb and destroy Paris), and will, I believe, emerge from our newest century of hatred and evils as well.

And it will be by love and understanding, as always, that we are all one people.

And resisting those who believe otherwise.

For more thoughts, I recommend John Scalzi’s short post (and humongous comment thread) at :



namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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