PhotoPoem for – Winged Horse in the Sky – Hoof Prints From My Soul

Hoof Prints From My Soul

Cloud clumps within my heart –

Reappear in paint

As hoof prints from my soul –

Questions and guesses –

Choices –

Gathered (often without knowing) through seven decades of living,

As naturally as fog settling – feathered – like thread knit loosely ‘tween sky and earthYes, it’s been a good life lived.

Yes, there was much I could have done – could have said – could have realized…sooner….

If If If

If I hadn’t done the good I’d done –

  • evoked a few smiles smiling back..
  • waited for someone to chew their words til they tasted well enough to speak..
  • satisfied with at least one good impulse (at a time) I somehow recognized and followed 🙂

Not always

But often (as I remembered).

It’s been an equilibrium of clumps of pigment flung and scraped across the canvas of my moments.

Sometimes setting coral wings to a horse of clouds.

Sometimes not clearly seen, only hinted. Outlined only by my imagination. Just like the If If’s in my life –

Painting – is a jet stream of directions chosen..

It’s an equilibrium…

It’s an art….

© Felipe Adan Lerma

If you’d like to read a bit of how a mystery art novel I am reading also interacted with this new painting, please see my prev post at – .

Abstract Aliases, an art mystery novel by Ritter Ames
Abstract Aliases by Ritter Ames

Thanks so much!
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