#PhotoPoem with Image No. 19, Lantern in the Window, From My Multi-Generational New England Thriller “Queen”

** Lantern in the Window(breathing the light) Light passes through glass sleeves fromthe world outside, seeminglystoredinside the hourglass-like guardian calmlypatientlyawaiting the nightwhen it toowill shine, passing its lightin a breath clearly seenback through the glass. © Felipe Adan Lerma *** It’s been a few years since I wrote “Queen” and I’ve had a bit more […]

dVerse – Poets Pub, Prompt “In My Element” – my PhotoPoem entry: “A Moment of Motion”

I’m in a less than two hour deadline (cause I couldn’t get my stuff together since Tuesday to do this sooner, lol) to post this to dVerse Poets’ weekly prompt for first time in many years. I’ll update this page with much more info soon re my prev poetry posts on dVerse here on this […]

PhotoPoem – Gold Light in White Rose – Color & Black and White

Similar Distinctiveness Brothers, sisters, siblings or friendsthe blackNwhite and full colorversionsshare much in their distinctions — Fluid folds of delicate strength Furrows of light from within and without Emanating Ancient mazes of petals Drawing both the eyes and the bees Yet — Each glowing easily distinctly With their own perception ofBeauty Images & Verse © […]

Adan’s Gratitudes – PhotoPoem – Reaching For the Light

* Reaching for the Light I woke and pulled on two T-shirt’s and long pants to walk and the temperature rose ten degrees in ten minutes — but I found this… I’d seen the early morning cable news channels sputter each time one side spoke a counter truth — but I found this… I’d heard […]

PhotoPoem – Urban Pathways

Urban Pathways Even the flowers followed the paths the people took. Seeing if the joggers, walkers, drivers would always remember to include them — Leave them be, let them live…. * The young spring flowers, melting yellow like thin reflections of the sun, didn’t yet know they were young souls reaching to be more… but […]

PhotoPoem for – Winged Horse in the Sky – Hoof Prints From My Soul

Hoof Prints From My Soul Cloud clumps within my heart – Reappear in paint As hoof prints from my soul – Questions and guesses – Choices – Gathered (often without knowing) through seven decades of living, As naturally as fog settling – feathered – like thread knit loosely ‘tween sky and earthYes, it’s been a […]

PhotoPoem for – Self Portrait 19 – Balancing With My Shadow

I step onto myself Assured it won’t hurt – It’s just my own shadow Firm beneath the pale asphalt Reaching up To me Equally  Surprised  How well we fit – Take a picture it says To remember us by…. * PhotoPoems are a fun thing for me, something I’ve enjoyed creating – joining word & image […]