Aging Gracefully – Ever Feel the Need To Focus But Your Life is A Shotgun? I Do 😊

Current Screenshot of My Images Page @FineArtAmerica - Felipe Adan Lerma
Current Screenshot of My Images Page @FineArtAmerica

No, not really offering any solutions, more an observation 🙂

I do kinda chalk my frequent current state to aging. And yes, when I was younger, say half a century ago, lol, I had as many quality demands on my attention as now: family, all the arts ( music, painting, dancing, film, poetry, etc ), eating ( always a favorite! ), companionship, and of course the then current state of the union – political division, the battle of facts, and a clear indication the direction of our nation was now at a crossroads ( yeah, sounds familiar 😊 )

Fortunately I didn’t carry the miracle marvel of a cell phone with me, though my camera usage was limited by the cost of developing even half a dozen images!

But I mentioned I kinda chalk up my shotgun style life more to aging vs me when I was younger. Back then, it was easier for one interest to grip me for any given period of time, and I’d go with it. Follow it until a way forward was no longer visible, or…another interest literally yanked me off one path to another.

Recently, the number of competing interests have each gained enough traction within me it’s been troubling giving up the many to do one thing.

It wasn’t I didn’t know I could do all I wanted serially, one at a time.

It was that I wanted to do everything at once —

At the speed I thought it…

Or felt it.

Like an infant or young child, the world of possible expression was shining promises brightly in my soul 😊

That’s a good thing.

So…then…what is the good thing ‘bout my life being a shotgun?

I remembered what a dear friend a couple of decades past told me. He was showing me a splendid assortment of historical weapons from past eras and various nations, Spanish Civil War etc, and he must have read my expression – one of both awe and no desire to accumulate anything near the same, and he said, “If you’re gonna have one weapon. Get a shotgun.”

In essence, he explained it offered the easiest quickest safest form of self-protection.

I think that’s what my art, at least my photographic art, is —
my shotgun.

Painting, I focus on and prefer landscapes and florals.

But photography — it allows me to shotgun….

Maybe that’s aging gracefully 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • Beautifully said, Deb! Oh, yes, we do all customize our lives; it’s such a blessing we sometimes don’t realize we have. I know I don’t, lol! It’s part of what’s in-it-for-me when I write a post, a self reminder and clarifier 🙂

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