My Creative Experiment With Amazon Affiliate Marketing 😊

At Art Reception at Old Bakery & Emporiumm with youngest grandchild 😊 
More of my bio-selfies are at - .
At Art Reception at Old Bakery & Emporiumm with youngest grandchild 😊
More of my bio-selfies are at –

Table of Contents

Why I Joined Amazon Affiliate Marketing
You Can Help Support My Creative Efforts Without Spending Extra!
A Little History About My Decision
Important Reminders!
Where to Look For My Amazon Affiliate Ads
And Now, Some Live Examples
Last Word

Why I Joined Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In all my creativity, whether in my art – both photography and painting – or my writings of all forms – poetry to fiction to travel memoirs to photo poems – I’ve come to realize I’ve stuck to those endeavors for over half a century because they give me leeway — leeway to explore and find images and words and nuances I myself like…that mean something to me.

That’s what I’m found I can do with Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing – and make money to support my creative efforts!

You Can Help Support My Creative Efforts Without Spending Extra!

Most importantly, neither you nor I nor anyone else pays anything extra purchasing from my posted Affiliate link – or – for purchasing from Amazon after continuing on from my posted link to another product on the same online session!

I make a small percent of each purchase of a product made by a shopper if they click into Amazon via one of my links —

  • Browse and purchase while still active on Amazon after clicking on my link and I get a small percent at no cost to you!
  • Browse and not purchase but return to Amazon later via any of my Affiliate links and again I get a small percentage at no additional cost to you!

A Little History About My Decision

It began, just about a week ago, as another means to monetize my decades of content. I tried ads, but often wasn’t happy with how they didn’t apply or fit my images or written material.

Then, as my wife and I have for over a decade, I began searching Amazon for a product I had purchased, or that related to my new post — or even an item I thought would be fun to try that also fit my blog post.

I literally found a shopper’s browsing paradise! 😊

In addition, I have lots of digital content on Amazon — books of poetry, image collections, photo poems, short stories, novellas, and full length fiction. I certainly don’t mind making money selling them, so should I mind the small % I can add on referring the same work, my own work?

Important Reminders!

  1. Remember, there’s no additional cost to you, or any potential buyer — not for my work — or any item I suggest — or any item you eventually choose to buy when you purchase by starting with one of my provided Amazon Affiliate links ❤️
  2. And I will always say if what I’m displaying is either –
    1. My own work
    2. Something my wife or I have purchased
    3. Something that’s caught my eye
    4. Or, if I feel using the suggested item as a springboard to a deeper product search might be fun or useful 😊 Sometimes I simply find more than one item related to my specific post I really like I think you enjoy exploring from!

Where to Look For My Amazon Affiliate Ads

Near the bottom of each post is my most common location.

I may be able to add a side widget with ads soon but have to experiment first 😊

Plus, on my older posts, I’m slowly adding Affiliate links to my own books and other products already linked to Amazon. It’s a process, lol!

And Now, Some Live Examples

I’ll be posting a full page-post a week or so filled with suggested items. If you can’t find one of those posts, just search for or click my category – Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Thanks so much everyone!


These are representative live samples – one with a text link, the other with an image link – written in the style I’m comfortable relating ads in, ie, just me talking ❤️

101 Sports Poems - The Poems

One of my most successful of my poetry collections, I cover topics from baseball to yoga with bicycling to gymnastics in between 😊

I’ve audio, ebook, and paper versions all available.

Image is link –
We bought this T-ball set for our youngest grandchild a few years ago – you can see how much he’s grown in pic at top of this post! He sure enjoyed whacking the heck out of those light weight balls! The bat is also lightweight, easy to swing, and the stand holds up pretty well, lol! Earlier this year we passed on the the whole package to my middle sister for her grandson. Definitely a durable toy and fun! 😊


As you can tell, sometimes my link will be in text, other times part of the accompanying image.

Also, sometimes the ad box will be highlighted by a color while other times just a white background. Here’s a highlight color example —

Image is link
This was a fun pick for me for many reasons, least of which is all the great memories my wife and I share enjoying Huey Lewis’ music 🎶 He was also the first person Sheila and I walked to Zilker Park to listen to at an outdoor concert after moving here to Austin from Galveston. It was a beautiful evening as we strolled the grassy banks of a then mellow Mopac fwy and danced in the open park to the Heart of Rock and Roll 🎸 😊 ♥️

Differing products and different images seem to work better in one or the other, so I just play it by ear and see what looks best 😊

Last Word

Finally, I want to say, sure buy what you may like, and hopefully it’ll be through one of my links, or via the same session after beginning at one of my Amazon Affiliate links, but always because you want to.

I’ve found in over a decade of purchasing from Amazon that they back up what they sell. I trust them. With returns, exchanges, corrections, just about anything we’ve needed.

But buy because it’s what you need or want to get, to give or for you.

If you purchase anyway from Amazon, I only ask you consider buying through one of my links, and that will go toward fueling my creative work in art, photography, and the written word. Audio books too, lol! And who knows what other wonderful things we may have in the future to help us express the colors and images and stories that reflect the values in our lives. 💕

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Thank you so much! 😊   

Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • So wonderful for you to say, Tiffany! ♥️ It was a difficult decision to make, one that’s been in my mind on & off for many years. But I do think I finally figured out how to do it & feel good about it, matching my content to products (including my own writings & images plus items my wife and I have actually bought) that potentially harmonize with folks with those same like interests as mine reading/seeing my posts. That works for me 😊 Again, thank you so much, Tiffany!!


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