My Day Ahead – Aug 29, 2019

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(blogging, walking)
I’ve been needing a quick formatting posting routine for days like today, lol 😂

Something to communicate, but easy – yeah, right? 😊

Today I want to go to only my second SilverSneakers class since my surgery late June. Partly ‘cause I really want to and partly ‘cause week from tomorrow I have my followup surgery.

Yesterday I realized I am beginning to feel like the self I recognized end of May, first of June, when we did the bulk of our move nearer to the youngest grandchild ❤️ So three months recovery from when the symptoms that led to my 1st surgery (emergency gallbladder removal) went from rare nuisance to increasingly disruptive.

I’d been in pretty good shape end of May, first of June too. Relatively speaking, for a nearly 69 year old 🙂 I haven’t quite gotten to my previous step count per day as then, but close enough I recognize and recall where I was then in my fitness routines.

And, in fairness to myself, besides the illness, it was MUCH cooler then, lol!

So today, “try” to go to yoga class. Back home. Early afternoon go with wife to pick up 6 year old at school. Take him to ninja class. After treat ourselves at Wheatsville Coop here in Austin. Then home.

In between, vs the other way round, I’ll try and fit in working on formatting my images for printing and posting here on my site, plus eBay and eventually Amazon and maybe Etsy.

Other stuff? Facebook? Dropped it for now. Twitter? Reduced. Pinterest? Try to pin one per day. Email? Uh, oh yeah, gotta check that 🙂 Anything else right now I can’t even remember.

Definitely time for that second cup of coffee!

Very grateful for that, lol! 😊


Be interesting to see what “things” pop up as memories each morning —

  • Put a new listing on eBay
  • Had fun day at Old Bakery & Emporium
  • Got new galleys and posters from my printer Southside Printing
  • Noticed right away visitors to my blog down from usual; didn’t figure out til this morning I had no visits from my friends in India! Anyone know if it was a holiday or such there yesterday? I checked online but couldn’t find anything.

Looks like I remember things backwards, from late in the day back to morning. Be interesting to see if pattern continues 😊


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Marketing Photography

– My notes re this search :
1) there’s no shortage of folks willing to share their ideas on how to succeed 😊
2) true to what’s being marketing, most of the books’ images are eye catching!
3) good variety of current social media proponents hyping their fav methods
4) lot of titles with lots of reviews, always a good sign for browsing books

Two things –
1 – some of these titles have 100+ 4+ ⭐️ reviews!
2 – many are avail on Kindle and even Kindle Unlimited 😊

Thanks so much everyone!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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