My Day Ahead – Sept 05, 2019

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Less compressed in terms of driving all over the city, but definitely planning on one more SilverSneakers yoga class at Gold’s Gym before surgery tomorrow. I’m first on the list in the morning. Must be a habit of mine, being the oldest of 6 and all 😊

My blog post goals are to finish the Old Bakery & Emporium post for surgery day (Friday) plus finish a special treat post I mentioned in yesterday’s “My Day Ahead” partially featuring plans about my short story, The Yoga Bowl!

Then end the day going to see the 6 years old & his new kitty ❤️

After that, settle in for a very early wake-up ☺️

And I do hope to keep up the My Day Ahead posts, even if just to say ”Hi! I’m still here!” – wish me luck everyone!


Yesterday was a little too full, but still good to have gotten done so much!

  • Cardio strength class mid morning at the Y
  • Review Friday surgery intake with hospital contact person
  • Fantastic seafood, veggie lunch via Sheila ❤️
  • Get oil changed (slow line, waiting in the heat, but it worked out)
  • Afternoon at Old Bakery & Emporium (OBE) to help take down Aug show & check-in my replacement prints
  • Spent evening updating all the posts I could for during my hospital stay & recovery, including re-size and upload pics I took at OBE for new blog post – aiming for it to go up, Friday, day of my surgery!

Not bad day’s work, esp considering the 109 degree heat index, lol! 😂

Oh, and that emoji for my lol? That’s sweat not tears –

Laughing through the heat 😊


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Surgery Recovery

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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