My Day Ahead – Sept 12, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Early rise 5 am. Fix that coffee! 😊

Going for my 1st followup w/the surgeon since the procedure.

Starting 4th day w/out the discharge meds. Cold and heated compresses working!

Be nice if I get the all clear to eat chunky food again, but honestly, the meals Sheila’s been concocting are superb. It’s nice getting spoiled different ways, lol!

My RePost ReDirect post to feature artist Tiffany Arp-Daleo’s fun work should be up.

If I have time before we join the morning traffic rush I’ll post the link, otherwise add it after we get back 😊

Coffee’s cooking, dishes from dishwasher put up & here’s Tiffany’s repost!😊/

And her site’s url is – 😊


We woke early to prepare and take the 6 yr old, Max, back to his mommie in time to take him to school. He’s one of those rare folks, like my wife, who are fully awake the moment they open their eyes, lol! He was ready to watch “one” favored recorded show via Disney Jr, play “one” video game on the Amazon Kids Fire Tablet (w/a full no questions asked 2 year warranty, lol!), eat “two” slices of toast, plus however many fresh strawberries we’d give him 😊 In between he munched on circles, basically whole oats Cheerios or Grain Berry circles (toasted oats), whichever we’d rotated to from the last empty cereal box (we eat these also, alternating with oatmeal when I’m not in surgery recovery mode lol). Sometimes Max’ll also take in a slice of Vermont white cheddar cheese. Plus his lunch had to be packaged and readied. Then find his lunch bucket (tossed somewheres), and make sure his back pack wasn’t missing any books he’d brought home.

Sheila and I knew ahead of time we’d wait to fix our second pot of coffee when we got home. It’s a 4 cup mini, so we’re not talking gallons, lol!

Traffic in Austin before 7 was already brutal, the more terrible fatal accidents north of us. So we were glad to get him home safe, and get ourselves back the same way. And fix that second small pot of coffee 😊

After our own sumptuous fruit laden oatmeal, I could really begin to feel my tiredness.

But it was a good tiredness.

By that I mean it was the fatigue from recovery from surgery and slowly re-introduced walking, minus both the heavier post surgery meds and the over the counter prescribed doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen.

It was time, I’d decided, if possible, to allow my body to start telling me again where the line was between healthy exertion and healthy fatigue. The line shifts anyway, all the time, but – when I’m healthy – within a predictable range.

I needed to start getting back to that gauge in my life.

Ice packs continue to be a remembered blessing.

Because of my scoliosis and very herniated lumbar and cervical discs, muscle swelling – from too much exercise or trauma – can pinch nerves and cause some real pain.

And I remembered our new stash of Salonpas patches!

They also made a very welcome return!

By noon, before lunch (we’d had a little later breakfast), I fell asleep a few minutes on the couch. Or actually, let myself fall asleep & rest, vs do another update on my blog, or return follows on Twitter, or update pins on Pinterest. I knew I’d also still need to finally return to both FB and IG (Instagram).

But even more, I needed to rest.

One can only switch chores or activities to a point, I’d found, before either mental or healthy daily activities could safely and fully recover and return to full function.

At least I now also realize, “full function” is very much an individual thing.

Especially when a senior 😊

Early Afternoon
Lunch was tilapia over organic cheese bunnies (left over from Max’s supper the day before) with grilled onions, red bell peppers, fresh cut celery, and bits and pieces of other stuff I didn’t question.

I told Sheila the meals were beginning to rival and sometimes surpass her normally sumptuous full range meals.

That’s saying something!

Late Afternoon / Early Evening
After a short break to watch part of the season opener of one of Sheila’s most long running favorite shows, Dr Oz, with her – I knew I had to take time to take stock on how I could keep up my blog schedule.

There’s simply too many social media, dr appts, breaks for walks, and just plain doing something different and fun, to keep my current blogging pace up. At least until my health issues pass “improving” to “back to new normal” 😊

I’d contemplated a few weeks back, as I tried to stockpile posts for during and after the surgery, having a few days’ of reblogs of posts from other folks I’d really liked.

I think that time has come!

And what an amazing diverse group to choose from.

Nearly as nice as choosing from among my wife’s many yummy meals!

I don’t want to simply hit reblog, and I don’t want to create a complex post, so my idea is to present the (essentially) reblog, with link & hopefully an image, in a new post of my own. Clean. Distinct. And lends itself to more presentation than a simple reblog.

I do have several possibilities in mind, but rather than hinting or just hoping, I want to contact the 1st person in mind and see if she (oops, already giving something away!) is ok w/me using one of her paintings (oh, no, there I go again!) in my non-reblog reblog-redirect post 😊

Well, we’ll see how that goes.

Once I do know something for sure I’ll post the link on My Day Ahead.

For now, I’m gonna take a walk 😊

A leisurely drift into night for a change. Showered. We watched almost half of Dressmaker on Prime before we got too sleepy 😴 Watch the rest (or the debate) tomorrow night.

We’ll see ❤️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA) –


    • Thank you, Tiffany, Sheila does do a job on me, lol! ❤️ And thank u so much for letting me know you’ve gotten visitors! Plus if there’s anything you’d like added/corrected etc, please let me know! It’s been a real pleasure showing folks ur work, and I’ll be retweeting & placing in my Related Posts sections for a long time 🥰


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