My Day Ahead – Sept 15, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Delivering my Austin autumn painting to Jerry’s Artarama this morning, so early breakfast for us, then the hopefully a less trafficky trip north part of town. It’s a large older store that’s kept its original funky feel of an early era, arty music-making Austin. Plus they have a huge assortment of art materials with lots of young staff that really love art. The easel in my “art room” is from there, bought almost two decades ago 😊 🎨

Last year’s show was in the summer, so was able to take the now 6 yr old w/us. Have to see ‘bout this year. He loves going to art receptions! Lots of snacks, people, and art. Maybe in that order 💕

Well, time to eat!

Home-made omelette with brown eggs, Vermont white cheddar, tomatoes, spinach, softened-for-me tiny potatoes, and anything else Sheila thinks my stomach can handle 😊


A late nervous start to the morning (because it was a late start I think).

I did wake slightly before my preferred time, 6 a.m. (and will I be glad when daylight savings time quits wasting my morning, lol!), but the prior two days I’d reached my preferred minimal number of steps for each day, 7500.

Yes, it was good I did this nearly 4 weeks ahead of my recovery from gallbladder surgery, and yes it is offset some by being & going to be nearly 4 weeks behind my eating ability schedule after that same surgery – but I really felt it this morning.

Stiff. Slow. Somewhere in ache-limbo ‘tween hurting and feeling good 😊

I stretched, had coffee, stretched some more.

No, this was one of those times I knew I’d need more time 😊

There’s a post I wrote way back early 2011, Does Cross Training = Recovery Time? — My Yoga-to-Dance aha! Moments! – # 4 (another post I need to update) and it talks about how much one can do – I can do – in terms of exertion and activity simply deferring or delaying it by cross training, ie, staying busy doing something else.

It works, for awhile.

Paint or photo for a good while, then rest by editing pics, or walking (better option), or writing. Or even taking a nap or watch some TV I really like.

Anyway, this was one of those times I could still do something else. But not physically.

I needed to recover, ie, rest my body.

And what better way than to drive through Austin traffic (joke) to meet up with our oldest girl and her husband (driving in from Houston) for us to have lunch with her middle girl, our middle granddaughter ❤️

Abel’s is a nice place. By Lady Bird Lake. That’s the right medicine 💕

Late Afternoon
Wonderful nearly 4 hour respite break (two way drive, very leisurely lunch), with my grilled Salmon delicious (brought 1/2 home for tomorrow). Sheila says her fish tacos (her frequent choice in our infrequent visits to Able’s) were fantastic as always.

With her mom & dad haven driven in from Houston, and her other grandmother (my ex) & her husband also there, we gave our middle granddaughter one of my Austin skyline paintings. A crescent moon sunrise over the city seen from across Lady Bird Lake on the hill at Butler Park. The photo’s pretty nice, but I think she really liked the original! I’d tinkered with it since setting the sky and foreground, clarifying the crescent moon, then bringing a few details from the deep shadow the skyline cast south and west across Riverside Drive and Butler Park, and really liked how there were twinkles in the shadows and shadings in the sunrise sky. A little bit lucky & a little bit rock & roll, ie, fun effort 😊

I don’t have an image of the painting avail yet, but when I do, I’ll post with some late-progress pics showing the tiny but, I think, significant, improvements. 🎨

It was nice to sit outside again during lunch. Abel’s has a huge covered terrace by the water, and I think we still had several fans running near our table, including one directly on me, lol! Loved it!

With two adult granddaughters both in town now, plus the 6 yr old grandson, we might find ourselves busy grandparents 💕

By the time we got back home, Sheila and I were exhausted – though I did have an ice cream treat soon as we got back, a Breyers Carb Smart Vanilla & Chocolate Bar. Almost too good a taste considering its good nutritional features -for ice cream of course 😊

Then Sheila & I settled in and watched our latest recording of Midsomer Murders. Set in England, the settings and wry humor and (for the show) typically well crafted plots, the show has had us watching for a long time. My only persistent question is, where does the population come from to make up for all the murders each week, lol 😂

Solidly entertaining, British style!

Early Evening
It was obvious, when – after the drive into Austin, the long lunch, the drive home, and an approx 1 1/2 TV break – we were still very tired, there’d be no trying to match the last few days number of steps (7,500+) or other physical chores.

Besides, with an early morning delivery of a painting to this years’s U.S. Veterans Art Show at Jerry’s Artarama, I still needed to make out an info card to place on the back.

And, got notice from Fine Art America a large coffee cup with one of my Paris images had sold, and wanted to do a quick post on that 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • That’s fantastic, Tiffany! I do ok on FAA, and see them all the time really working to keep improving the sites we have on there, how we can promote etc. I think your work has the potential to really do well 😊


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