My Day Ahead – Sept 22, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Today, like Saturday, is mostly an open book.

We’ll of course have our Sunday omelette breakfast that Sheila fixes up, then probably head to Central Market. They have crab cakes on sale and we can pick up some freshly ground Costa Rican organic coffee, plus some other odds and ends that we like and can only get there 😊

With the 6 year old out of town camping and the heat continuing for now, it’s just as well. Hard to even want to get out in this weather too much. But the days are tempering, and the nearby Hill Country and Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center are waiting and beckoning.

Normally we’d of been in Vermont this latter part of summer here, autumn coming there, but the surgeries’ve taken their toll. But worth it of course. I may not have made it w/the infected gallbladder. And eventually the same re the large hiatal hernia. For the best then. And there’s always hope for next year for Vermont – I do miss my yearly taste of the Green Mountains 😊


(walking, overeating)
Being Saturday, we knew we’d pace slower than usual. Plus the 6 year was out of town w/his momma camping ⛺️

So we started well, resting, having one of my custom made cereal breakfasts 😊, and going for a 30 minute morning walk. It was kinda not hot, can’t really say sorta cool 😂 but we made it.

Enroute past the clubhouse we remembered they were catering a snack / fruit 🍉 “thing” at 10, so we stopped in. Gorgeous fruit already out! Pineapple chunks, different colors of melons, including watermelon, two kinds of cheeses incl a spicy one Sheila liked smile. Oh, and grapes. Pretty darn good ones. Actually it was all good. The problem was I convinced myself that, since I’d just done a great morning walk, and needed to refuel, I could stuff myself. Which I did. Then my stomach hurt for two hours! Well, not hurt. Queasy. Too full. Bloated. Yeah. I overdid it. Sheila knew it right away but held off til we got back to our apt & I complained ‘bout how I felt 😊

“I could tell you had too much on your plate.”

“I ate it.”

“So? Now you’re all stuffed.”

“I don’t feel good.”

“Lay down.”

“Might make my food come up.”

“Go for another walk.”

“In this heat?”

“Wanna watch a show. That movie, Late Night?

That perked me up.

I got better 😊

(Late Night – the movie)
What a wonderful show! Brilliant actually Ema Thompson & cast were literally superb! My only gripe is it’s not a series. At least not yet, though I’ve heard nothing to even hint there would be – I’m just hoping. One of the characters in one of my thriller books says something like, hope is good when it’s the only strategy available 😊

I firmly believe that. I believe in faith and hope.

Sometimes it’s our only fall back.

And that’s ok ❤️


(blogging priorities)
After our typical (for us, courtesy of Sheila!) lunch (grilled shrimp & veggies – 1st time to have shrimp since before the 2nd surgery) – I reluctantly settled in to work out how and what to post 1st. Except for choosing from, forget not having any “content” – that’s deep buried treasure trove for the next several years & still growing, lol!

My big push has been to set up, post about, and make available some of my creative work for the holiday buying season.

Figuring out how to prioritize has been as important as what to prioritize.

With that in mind, my search for Amazon products to feature at the end of this post became, Setting Priorities.

I like searching out products, see what tempts me as possibly useful or fun.

And isn’t it nice when it’s both 😊

(walking, setting priorities, resting)
By 7 the sun is blending through the tops of the furtherest trees exactly where it sets this time of year, continuing its dance from the long extended arch of summer to the shorter hop of winter. We’re still very much in summer here Central Texas, but both the morning and the evening have lost an hour+ of light. I’ve been aiming for that time to reach my remaining steps to 7500+.

With the loss of most of summer to surgeries I find myself up against the last three months of the year, the holiday gift season, the time of year I most enjoy being outdoors, and the usual time I begin to reflect where I am and where I want to be, not just should be.

I have a faint luxury being old(er) & retired. And not well off enough to have full luxury, lol! But I enjoy where I am with possibilities. They’ve overwhelmed in fact there’s so many good fun things to do and, for now, a little less energy and time, to do them.

So I’ll rest on that tonight.

Change what needs changing in my routine to give me back the time to enjoy the fall weather, increase my chances to catch gorgeous moments – of the world & the family near me, and play with my paints again.

I think I’ve a foundation for my site now.

A plan for which poster to send to Amazon for a shot.

And if I’m around this time next year, and this is still what I want, I’ll be better set then too.

The thing about getting old(er) is, I have to act and plan as if I don’t have less years than when my whole life was ahead of me 😊 yet act as if these moments are the last.


But the alternative of meandering does not appeal to me.

Those years are past into memories.

It’s time to rest now.

And dream ❤️


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Setting Priorities

I do like to point out I pick my selections to showcase from my Amazon searches. May not always be the case, or wholly always the case, but for now, I prefer picking titles and book covers and gift items that just really appeal to me. There’s lots more to choose from, but only have so much room, lol! I hope you enjoy —

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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