My Day Ahead – Sept 29, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Gonna head to HEB with Sheila early this Sunday morning, then head back for her famous omelette breakfast! 😊

Will be needing to continue reblogs for awhile as I’m still having problems getting work done on my posts.

Like just now, had to close my window and reopen edit post to work on this. Much better than yesterday and esp the day before, so I know the app folks are making progress synching to the huge operating system upgrade from Apple.

The big remaining glitch seems to be when I hit the return key to create a new paragraph. Then the cursor and all tap functions freeze. If I do shift-key/return, then the “block” I’m on remains active and I can continue. It’s amazing how simple things from one tech entity that need to synchronize with other tech entities can really be quite challenging ‘cause of the complexity behind what looks simple on the screen page!

One time, a few months back, I was having problems with a payment block I’d created in another post keep re-populating a new payment block I’d created for another product. Turned out, as the WP rep on chat patiently worked with me, that, because I’d copied the block, then filled in a different product, the copied code kept overriding my new input.

Yes! Amazing the complexity behind the simples things we see online 😊


(art & the value of resting)
Slept past even my sometimes later times some mornings!

Had driven to Jerry’s Artarama with Sheila and Max for the art reception Friday evening and sold two more paintings!

Sheila and I had left the apt round 2:30 to get to the 6 year old’s school for his chess club, stayed a bit, then headed with him north across the river to the reception. Stopped along the way for us to fuel for the reception – though they did have a really nice assortment of veggies & dips, plus we brought a huge bag of (really is) healthy chips from HEB. The extra fuel stop was mostly for Max, but we shared this humongous special on-request mix of chocolate & strawberry smoothies – it was really good, lol!

It was great seeing a lot of the Veterans I’d met at last year’s art show there, and was glad it wasn’t in the summer like last time – though it was obvious the heat had barged in on Autumn 😊

The buyers of my two paintings we’d brought were a couple, each one choose one.

As good as the purchases was their sincere appreciation of my art.

It was good ❤️

Saturday morning, though still flush from the sales, my body felt the near-dark arrival back home, and it took a very gentle pacing til mid afternoon – after taking Max to soccer (he is getting “very” good! 😊) and a wonderful homemade chicken tortilla soup via Sheila’s magic touch – to begin to feel I was a bit more limber.

I usually, almost always, have looked at resting as a means to being able to do more.

The old cross-training to recover strategy.

Now, today actually, I began to look at resting as a goal in itself.

Maybe I’m learning something, finally, as I near my 69th birthday 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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