Yoga Moves for Better Sleep

Finding Gratitude, Sheila on Galveston Seawall circa 2010
Finding Gratitude, Sheila – The Breath Expanding Into the Soul

These four gentle poses can calm your nerves before bed and help you get a good night’s rest.
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(note 1: WebMD’s link above includes a link to download the graphic)

(note 2: the image above is my own, of my wife Sheila on the seawall in Galveston, patiently posing for me 💕 circa 2010)


– Four simple poses, tried two last night, too lazy too find a place to do the other two, lol! Then slept 9 hours anyway! Ok, I did wake up couple hours earlier but elected to pursue my new mantra (for now 😊 ) – aim for resting in its own, vs resting to do something

– some ways to achieve some of the poses slightly differently, is to use pillows and/or bolsters; use these to shorten the length of the strength, or provide cushioning another way vs a chair

– I also want to note that breathing slowly, while doing/using a whole minute, vs ten seconds, is probably as important as the pose itself. Breath slowly (you can count breathes as an alternative to counting numbers, stretches the routine). Use a timer if you need, like on your phone (maybe set soothing ringtone to that one, lol!)

– parallel to not doing all 4 poses (though they’re included for a reason, but one must be adaptable!) is adding a pose you just feel you need. I did. I have scoliosis (fairly mild, even if degenerating as I’ve aged) and mild twists (this is for bedtime, remember 😊 ) often really help me. I did mine last night, after reading WebMD’s article, on the side of our bed. Gently. Eyes closed. Hands wrapped soft on the leg of the direction I twisted to both hold me in place and modulate the tension of the twist (tighten/loosen in minuscule movement with my breath).

Anyway, good, simple, potentially very effective little things for a better sleep!

Thanks so much everyone!


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