Aging Through Covid-19, April 19, 2020 – Staying Fit with Walking, Protein and Sleep

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Sunday with 93 degree sun, I’ll take it
I’m not a big heat guy anymore, grew up doing construction in Houston, jogged and played and did outdoor art shows til I hit 50 or so (when I got an indoor job, lol), but (from the little I understand re carbon levels and climate change), we’ve had 30-40 degree weather here in Central Texas on and off all the way to a couple days ago.

I was time to warm up. Not this much, but, the morning and evening were still nice.

Still not the relentless 18 hour daylight day of heat from…well, actually it never lets up, staying upper 90s to 100s into early night.

So l’ll take the warm up for today. Sheila and I enjoyed it. Long walks. In the afternoon scooting into the shade often as possible, lol!

I think we walked as much as we ate or anything else today! 😊

That was enough.

I myself didn’t do much else. Put black absorbent ground coatings on 2 6×6 canvas’ and black acrylic gesso on another two. And it wasn’t ‘cause of the heat. I was beat. My body needed to rest, even after an good long night’s sleep.

Within the growing info getting my attention re the value of walking and stretching and sleep, three pieces of the puzzle have merged into more concrete actionable time on my part —

One, sleep is when most (all?) of our immune cells get, well, I don’t know, rebuilt or built to begin with, lol! The key being if I don’t sleep well, my immune cells are being built up to par nor in the quantity they should.

Two, burning (excess?) blood sugar is optimized with activity after eating. Like walking.

For us that means two big meals (breakfast & lunch), plus a healthy fun snack in the evening.

That equals 3 required walks or activities per day, even if only for ten minutes.

Three, consuming protein within 30-60 minutes in some form after exercise/exertion is the optimum time to supply our muscles and bones and – new info to me – our immune cells. The 2nd best optimum time is out of our reach, deep sleep. If we haven’t taken in sufficient protein to help that 2nd muscle/bone/etc building time during deep sleep, the body will take it from where ever we have protein already, “possibly” depleting other vital areas.

These are fascinating everyday nutrition, fitness and health tidbits on their own.

In our daily lives!

But, during this Covid-19 challenge, these facts – though seldom placed together – are vital for our well being.

So this week, Sheila and I pushed a little harder. Knowing the heat was coming. For a long time here in Central Texas. And it would be harder and harder to get our walks in. In a couple of months, for months, I’ll have to rise very early. Probably not be able to go out after lunch, unless the gyms have re-opened. And have little chance of staying up til 10 at night to walk after rising at 5 or so each morning.

But we’ll work it out, Sheila and I 😊

Sharing what we know helps. We can count on each other as we are able ❤️

Stay well everyone! Keep heart! We get our strength from each other – those nearby and dear, and those literally virtually a click away 💕



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From WebMD, Your Immune System, Things That Weaken It

Do you have good, positive, useful or encouraging info to share? Please post in the moderated comments below 😊

Note: Each time I post while doing this series (may it be a short series, but if so, for positive reasons 😊), I’ll post one or more links to posts I feel are worth seeing or reading. Some will be COVID-19 specific, some just uplifting, some encouraging via exercise or nutrition etc, but all within the rubric of what we’re all facing tougher ❤️

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Getting sunshine is very important. Make sure the sky is clear when you go out and not smoggy. Pure sunlight is pure sunlight!


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