My Day Ahead – Oct 03, 2019

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Clocked 8000+ steps yesterday, not sure about today. Going w/Sheila to Gold’s Gym. She has a Yoga Stretch class and I have a bone density test at the lab next door, lol! Fitness center next to a grouping of medical procedure centers. Wise/smart pairing I think 😊

Also posted a really good SilverSneakers’ post about added vs natural sugars yesterday. If I get time, there’s a few nice choices for the next reblog – maybe art, maybe what kind of shoes are best, food (always!), so I’ll see. Would really like to put one of my own posts up again. But it’s been a real challenge in terms of both time and ability to.

After Sheila’s Yoga & my bone density test it’ll be off to Sprouts for fresh salmon, veggies, and there’s always an extra “find” or two 😊

Afternoon goals are contacting folks like our kids, and Old Bakery & Emporium, and I know there’s one or two other places/folks, with my surgeon’s update from yesterday.

Now we can start planning for a busy month of October birthdays!

Including mine! 😊


(long day)
Another long day, but smoother than the day before when exhaustion led me to a 2 hr nap at 6pm, lol!

Early rise to take the little one to school. He’d rather he stay home with us, he says 😊

We would too, but hopefully see him again soon ❤️

From there to The Y.

(the Y, WordPress)
We were a bit early, so we sat with complimentary coffee, wondering how the rest of the day’d go, Sheila especially wondering if she’d make it through Zumba Gold. The short respite did us both good. Though I stayed another half hour, once Sheila went to class, corresponding with the WordPress engineers via email and their app. Turns out you can use either means and it goes to the other. Handy. My experience’s been these folks are like bulldogs (my old HS mascot – I know, I’ve mentioned this before, lol) – they won’t let go till they solve the problem. Or know it can’t be. They did find some quirks or something in the app, and were asking for more screenshots & info. They want to replicate what I’ve been experiencing & need exact matches to my browsers & device (iPad Pro), plus sent me a link where I could check out my browsers for up-to-dateness and other info. Then they can try and run scenarios through and see what/why and maybe a fix, I hope 😊 It’s still possible some combination of the new iOS for my iPad Pro and their blogging structure for my set up has changed, even if just some tiny bit. Massive stuff. And if it takes till the new app comes out mid-November, and this info/experience helps fix this, fine w/me. I can live with that. 😊

With half an hour left in Sheila’s class, I’d done what I could and took my iPad w/me and went upstairs to use the track. No running for me. Though not as brutally tired as the day before, I knew not to push it, or it would be/could be!

The half hour walk went slowly at first. My black carrybag for my iPad was bulky & awkward, so I took it to the car then went back upstairs to the track. It’s all walking anyway, right? The last ten minutes I’d limbered up enough to feel warm in the very well air-conditioned inside air. What a relief, lol! I even spent a few laps tossing a light ball hand to hand, then passing it around me, left to right, right to left, behind me, in front of me, and Sheila came out as I rounded a turn. Always a smile 😊 I pointed to a lady nearby on the seniors’ mat area (really for anyone) w/a tiny tiny little girl on a tiny tiny little blanket wiggling her arms and her legs as she watched her momma stretching 💕

(first breakfast tacos since surgery!)
We left it at that, smiling, and drove to Central Market’s Cafe down the road and met an old friend we hadn’t been able to have lunch or breakfast with since my surgeries had started. This was also the big test! Could I or could I not eat a breakfast taco without choking, tasting nothing, or unable to hold it. Yesterday I mentioned I’d settle for a B+, even if I did hope for an A. It was delicious! And I wisely only ordered one, plus Sheila & I shared a cup of cut fruit. And I was full! Not an A+, but not bad! Maybe a good solid A! 😊

(visit w/the surgeon)
I shoulda known it’d be a good visit when, not only did I get there a few minutes early, but they saw me early too, lol!

I can start having a bit more solid food, small doses, followed by sips of water or such after each few bites.

My taste buds are no longer being burned by rising/trapped reflux, so everything tastes much better! Just like I thought or imagined I was thinking I was experiencing!

My stomach is a little smaller from the surgery, but if I eat too much too often, that wouldn’t be the case anymore, lol 😂

I have the potential to maintain a very healthy smaller size of myself…

Mission Impossible? Should I choose to accept the mission?

Maybe not. But, I think, maybe so 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • Oh me too, Tiffany, lol! I’m getting a little steadier hitting the 7500+ mark, vs hitting it one day then so sore I’m down to 4000+ the day or two 😊 And oh my gosh, to eat some of my favs again! Though I my taste buds’ve gotten so much sharper (surgeon says due to the reflux not burning them anymore), some things I don’t want as much, too strong! Like being a kid again at nearly 69, lol 😂


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