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SilverSneakers article - Added Sugar: 4 Hidden Dangers -
SilverSneakers article – Added Sugar: 4 Hidden Dangers Seniors Should Know

Natural Sugar Versus Added Sugar

Before you start throwing out any fruit in your kitchen, it’s important to understand the difference between natural and added sugar.
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A Little Background About My Sugar Use 😊 

A very important article on a topic my wife & I only managed to really grapple with around 2010 a few years after we’d retired. And this is after we’d dropped using high fructose and, on my part, sodas and giant candy bars (one of daily favs for “many” years!) Research on high fructose was apparently not conclusive then, but that it wasn’t was enough for us to decide to shy from it.

I remember Sheila & I in the kitchen of our apt while we stayed in Galveston a year and a half before going to her home state (Vermont) for a year & a half there. We’d been learning more about how much and what kinds of sugar might or might not be good for us. At the time we were still buying fruit flavored yogurts and juice drinks; later we’d finally switch to plain yogurt and add fresh berries etc, and much more fresh fruit.

We read an article about the amt of sugar from x amt of grams of sugar for me (males) and her (females), and I went about loosely notating my sugar content intake for that day via the nutrition labels on food I ate that day.

(calculating my sugar intake)
Fudging just a bit, I ended up with a variable (we honestly didn’t know some things whether they counted or not – natural sugar in fruit, etc) and came up with a range of 350 to 500% of my daily intake. Uh-oh.

I repeated my count the next day, trying to keep count more accurately. Fudged by not having a “few” things I’d normally would’ve, and hit close to 600%!!

Decided the next day, ok, that’s it, count everything, add it up, let’s see – hit over 750% of my daily recommended amt of sugar!!!

We slowly, painfully, began adjusting intake – non-pure liquid orange juice, flavored yogurts. Little boxes of raisins – that was a hard one for me.

Then even a painful, looking for alternatives to snack.

I could only eat so much fruit before developing citrus blisters, lol! 😂 

(in conclusion)
Anyway. This information, in this article, sums up what we had to scour the internet for, in any site we could find, in 2010. There’s much more info now much more readily available.

SilverSneakers, among a few other trusted sites, has been a source of information for me & Sheila since way back 😊 

And as always – check w/your doctor about your circumstances and needs ❤️


Here’s an excerpt from the SilverSneakers post :

“Natural Sugar Versus Added Sugar –

Before you start throwing out any fruit in your kitchen, it’s important to understand the difference between natural and added sugar”

Thanks everyone! 🙂


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    • It is! Actually I was literally shocked, lol! They say you can figure on 3% of ur day’s sugar per gram (I think that’s the measurement they use). Sugar embedded in fiber, ie, real fruit and things like carrots (surprising how sweet they are 😊), is released slowly throughout the day. Also, and this is a workout bonus 😊 – if you intake a little more sugar right before or after a workout (or just being real active in something during daily life), that’ll both help u & get burned out pretty quick. Protein in general though is more important 1st 30 min after exertion.


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