My Day Ahead – Oct 07, 2019

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Gonna have to wear my end of summer wear : 2 t-shirts & a heavier pair of shorts to go walking, lol! Now tomorrow morning & the next might have to also wear light pants 😊

Hoping to go to Gold’s Gym w/Sheila for what would be my 1st strength class since before the 2nd operation. Even if I only stop-start, or even not use weights after a point. If I’m fatigued after a point, then there’s also no point in pushing anything heavier than my hand. Besides, I have big hands for my size, lol!

After that, calls to make, one or two bills to pay, and see what I can do w/my art & how I’ll handle the weather being too nice to pass up outside —

A nice dilemma 😊


A long leisurely day. Thankfully uneventful, lol!

(change in weather coming)
We woke before sunrise, had coffee, and walked in the cool morning. The next few mornings though’ ll bring back what cool really is, at least for Central Texas – morning temps not only below 80, but below 70! Brrrrr, lol! Even the young cashier at Walgreens where we stopped for the Sunday paper said she was ready to release the heat! 😊

(painting, pick up art @ArtforthePeople)
Picked up my Cobblestone Path Home painting at Art for the People. I think I have a much stronger handle what that very nice gallery is most interested in, some of my more modern funky fun paintings – I’ll try and see if I can get one into the next showing there. The gallery is a fun spot w/lots of good traffic 😊

Also, when I picked up my painting, it appeared more blue than I’d remembered it, and more blue than I’d photographed it for FAA – but – a blue I recalled while painting it. It may be the lighting is that much better both there, and here in our new apt, ‘cause it definitely still looked much more colorful in my new (current) art room.

Like I did with Dancing Flower, back before we moved and the surgeries surfaced, I’ll reshoot the image and re-present it on Fine Art America & via a blog post, though w/Dancing Flower, I’d actually changed the overall color tone! Maybe the surgeries have not only altered my taste buds and sense of smell, but improved my eye sight! I doubt it, lol, but I’ll take it!

(groceries, ACL weekend)
From there we went to Sprouts, did a relatively smaller shopping, and went home.

Traffic, for 11am, around when we got to Art for the People gallery, and all the way back home, being this was the last day of the 1st weekend of ACL in Austin, was, well, not bad!

But neither Sheila nor myself have missed driving in inner city traffic.

Even on a light day of traffic, lol! 😂

(food, eating, intensity minutes)
My stomach held well all day. I served myself a smaller than usual breakfast omelet portion at breakfast, smaller than usual lunch portion (despite the mussels & couscous being delicious!), and snacked throughout the day – energy bar, protein drink, fig bar, Vermont white cheese on whole grain crackers, banana, Momma Chia organic blueberries in a pouch – 6 year old’s amazed I like pouch treats too 😊 ) and maybe a few other things I’ve forgotten!

And I still logged in more moderate intensity minutes, just not like yesterday.

Plus I cracked 7500+ walking the brush path along Slaughter Creek.

And formatted & scheduled a new Adan’ Images post…
Autumn Bicycling, Photography circa 2012

Plenty ‘nuff stuff for a quiet day ❤️

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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