My Day Ahead – Oct 23, 2019

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Chilly start to the early morning compared to the last few months, but a welcome change. If all works well, plan to leave with Sheila after breakfast to the Blue Hole, located just as one enters Wimberley from the east (vs the RR12 from the north from Dripping Springs). Am looking very forward to seeing how today’s full sunshine (the last for several days it looks) through the cypress trees at Blue Hole, a swimming spot along a section of Cypress Creek where we took the 6 year old last week. The swimming hole part of Blue Hole is closed to swimming, but not meandering along the banks and trails. We may do lunch in Wimberley too, then hit Sprouts on the way back home. Wed is double ad day at Sprouts where they honor both the ending week’s sales and the new week’s starting sales. Sheila loves that, and I benefit in all kinds of good eatin’ ways 😊

I’ve already put away the dishes from the dishwasher, today’s reg post (updating my Amazon Affiliate marketing) is up, put cereal breakfast stuff out to fix (berries, seeds, flakes, banana), and just heard the 2nd pot of coffee (we use a small 4 cupper model we’ve stuck with for many years) finish up, gurgling up a storm it’s ready – not a bad start so far 🙏 ☺️


I took it fairly easy today; did wake around the time I like – 6am – and felt half way ok, which is to say, not bad! 😊 I still elected to stay home and let Sheila go to WellMed for the strength class there, something I’ll try to go to next week’s go’ round.

Meanwhile I did 3 things I’d been wanting to get done – in between breakfast, lunch, and snacks of course, plus brief walks in gorgeous sunshine & cool air (such luxury!)

1) I created a new marketing page that’s accessible on Amazon. I tell more about it on today’s reg post updating my Amazon Affiliate marketing. I have a general page and can create Idea pages and have one of the latter so far, for Impressionist Art. Figured that was a good place to start, what’s most on my mind most the time if I’m not hurting or hungry, you know, the two “h’s” lol 😂 I do have a screen shot of the Idea page on my reg post, and (with a lot of other info) say – “My Impressionist Art page, current stage shown above, includes art histories, novels, DVD’s, art instruction, and even an inexpensive packet of Impressionist Art bookmarks!”

2) I reworked my Lou Neff digital poster of Austin (avail at both The Old Bakery & Emporium & Fine Art America) in terms of its mat-like border to size it to 24×36 so’s to offer it as a canvas print at venues here in Austin through Creative Arts Society’s various show locations – some of them want larger modern or abstract work (vs impressionist).

3) Did a mini-reveal of my plans to present chapter by chapter my 2012 novella, The Old American Artist, here on my blog. Lots of details of that process in that same post uploaded today re my Amazon Affiliate marketing, relating something about art to my Impressionist Art idea page. Here’s a snippet of that – “…of course, The Old American Artist is semi-autobiographical, w/embellishments & exclusions, lol! But, it is about art, and being artist.”

An unplanned bonus, but very nice, was wearing some nifty new exercise sweats I got from my kids for my birthday. Nope, I couldn’t complain about the weather, or not having something nice to wear in the cooler drier mild air during yesterday’s short walks 😊 I probably got more steps inside getting water & juice & tea refills, oh and snacks, than walking outside, but I also knew, if all went well, I’d be wearing that same nifty outfit for a possible early morning outing back to Wimberley to walk around Blue Hole (the preserve near where we took Max last week) in 50 degree nippy weather to see if there’s more magic shots to be discovered there too 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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