My Day Ahead – Oct 10, 2019

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Going w/Sheila to CVS then Gold’s Gym, where I may or may not try the stronger yoga stretch and balance class (or walk the track), and then Sprouts before heading home for (I hope 😊) the day.

Also hopefully really truly the last ultra hot day (upper 90s) for at least awhile!

Hope to get some odds & ends done, 6 yr old may be joining us midday tomorrow since he’s no school Friday (Columbus Day extended weekend?)

And then a blast of wind and rain and temps to half of today’s.

I think it’s time to quit calling it roller coaster weather & just say it’s nose-dive / rocket launch weather, lol 😂

Regular blogging’s still stunted vs before the big iOS updates. Apps and browsers are working, but there’s kinks everywhere to work out. Depending on what one uses their computers for, mobile or otherwise, issues could be minor to irritating to work interfering. I think I have all 3 😊 But did hear from WP. They showed me a link where other folks in differing browsers etc than myself are having “issues” too. So it’s a process. And WP does have a huge upgrade release of its own Nov 12th! Yes! So I’m hanging in there re new posts, doing reblogs, and putting out the My Day Ahead posts, the latter of which are fortunately not image intensive. So I’ll keep folks updated! 🙏


Doesn’t feel like I got much done yesterday, other than quality time w/Sheila, eat great meals (crab cakes lunch, breakfast tacos out at Central Market) and have a really satisfying combo strength-walking workout at the Y at 8 in the morning 😊

I knew by noon I wasn’t going to hit 7500+ steps today.

And was ok with that.

(fitness at The Y)
The strength portion at the Y was on new-to-me machines/contraptions and an adult playground of a monkey bars & swing-like set up. I’d been eyeing other members using the devices and wishing I could trust my strength to just “try” a few things, and finally did!

I started with this long bar with straps to either side of me with loops where I could move the bar to, from near the floor by my feet, to my chest height, to way above my head, about one foot increments.

Placing the bar about head height in the loops, I could grasp the bar and lean forward with arms straight out. My feet had to hold or I’d slip forward, so my legs had to really work, which meant my core from bottom of my rib cage to below the navel (nearly to the pubic bone) had to also hold. My arms actually started getting shaky 1st and I pulled back slowly.

I tried it again, taking a deep inhale 1st then with straight-arms forward slowly exhaled leaning out again, feet flat & pressing to the earth. Yes, there’s a floor there, but it’s the earth that’s the real connection. Letting the planet help hold me in place. Gravity keeps us grounded, lol!

A few more times and a trainer I’d seen before came over.

She stood beside me a foot or two away and asked, “So you’re working out the machines?”

Her gaze was steady. I’d seen her working the last few weeks Sheila & I’d been going since the 2nd surgery, with everyone from young buff aficionados 😊 to middle aged men pushing to push, to folks older than me.

”Not really,” I replied, trying to appear nonchalant. “Just playing, see what I can do.”

”You can move the bar higher or lower, but that’s a good height for pushing out parallel to the floor.”

I nodded and did what I’d been doing before. Arms crossed across her chest she nodded then pointed behind my right to a series of 2 1/2 – 3 inch bars set about 1/2 a foot apart from each other. “You tried these?” she asked, moving toward the bars.

I moved and spoke as I joined her – “Seen people using them. They look interesting.”

She slipped her feet on a low bar, described letting the body pull back opposite I’d been doing on the other bar with the straps. Letting gravity pull the back down and use strength to resist falling back, vs falling forward like the other bar.

She spoke quietly and steadily. “You can also use these as a step, foot to foot to floor and back, or jump from the floor to the bar and back,” and she bounced lightly floor to bar, bar to floor, like a balloon playing hopscotch on the bars.

“Or,” she added, “you can rest your feet, hang back with both arms, and let go of one arm and reach back to one side, then repeat on the other.”

I debated saying I didn’t think the ballistic bounces would be a good idea for me, but said, “I’ve a mild scoliosis, so I like twists. Just haven’t been able to do as much yet, since my operation.”

She paused.

”It was ‘bout a month ago.”

”Your doctor clear you to do this?” She waved her hand to encompass the nearby playground of machines.

”Oh yes. But slowly. Not too much too quick.”

She nodded and I moved to the bars and placed my feet on a lower rung. Set my arms shoulder width apart and let my weight and back go back and downward toward the floor as I opened up my left arm and reached for the floor behind me with my hand. The stretch was good, but tight, my right hand gripping the bar like it’d been welded on, and my heart praying the weld would hold, lol! I returned both hands to the bar with my weight and back still titled toward the floor, and repeated on the right. Right side was stronger, smoother. Same as I’d felt tossing a ball back and forth and up and down when I walked laps. Wanted to repeat it all one more time, but steadied myself with a short deep breath and moved one hand to where it centered to my chest and moved the other hand to join it and repeated the fuller back tilt and open expansion to my left and to my right, reaching for the floor each time, feeling my chest open more the 2nd time around. I slowly gathered myself back to my reclining position, both hands on the bar, and moved off the bars and stood again.

Took a deep breath. The trainer nodded, showed me a squat movement on the same bars.

“I like squats too,” I told her, and moved toward the bars again as she nodded.

I really do like doing squats at home, though not many of them.

These felt better, different.

Said, “I like this, less pressure on my knees.”

She nodded, said, “Plus you can pull up with your arms, relieve the pressure on them.”

I smiled. “True.” And did a few more, and moved off the bars again. Took a deeper slower breath, felt my chest heave with a bit more strength. Listened to my slow exhale, my mind empty, yet filled with being there, and motioned to the upper level where the track & Sheila (in her Zumba Gold class) were. “I should walk.”

She nodded once more, smiled back, said, “You did well.”

I felt a grin on my face. “Thanks.”

She motioned to the track upstairs, and I left.

I managed a few laps with a light weight ball before Sheila came out. We took bath room breaks then headed downstairs ready for breakfast at Central Market, and saw the trainer working with someone.

“That’s the trainer we saw last time,” Sheila said as we passed the bars & straps.

“Yeah. She helped me with squats and stuff.”

“Was she nice?”

I nodded. “Yeah. She was.”


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