My Day Ahead – Oct 17, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Woke up, as indicated below, lol, with a slight attitude readjust due to a good night’s sleep. We’ll see how that holds up as I continue grappling with yesterday’s delays 😊

Meanwhile, I did finish and post a new reblog, this one about Monet!

I’ve included two photos I took this morning, one of me in the early 80s painting an homage Picasso pic, and one of our place as it looks this morning with paintings waiting to be either hung or submitted to places listed below. The latter pic has the painting I was doing in the newspaper photo 35+ years ago! That’s kinda neat!

I also managed to upload one of 3 pics from our Wimberley trip to Fine Art America to compliment my recent Max-in-tow post, lol! Hope to upload the other two today & do a short post for them.

By then Sheila’ll probably be back from PT & a new ABC fitness class she’s trying out. It sounds pretty good, for abs & back etc. Wanna try it myself soon!

Beyond that, have to see what if anything I hear from anyone.

There’s a point to push to, to get things done…

And there’s a point to let it go —

Life has too many other things to offer ❤️


A frustrating delay filled day I eventually (this morning, lol 😂) decided – after biting the attitude bullet – to call my prep day 😊

I began the day with good intentions, pictures to format, blog posts to prepare, shows & submissions to get ready for (forms, pics, applying), plus get a little fitness in – weather was initially forecasted to clear into the mid 70s, yummy! 😋

(delays, non-replies, hassles)
* I called re a refund of an item I’d returned about a week ago after I’d checked the tracking # and seen it’d been delivered back the day before yesterday at noon. After a bit of hunting, found a way to chat w/someone & confirmed my refund had been approved and was in-progress. Even got the gent to send me an email of the transcript. Still waiting on the refund this morning, but with the confirmation I trust the process with this vendor.

So far, not too bad, figured I could still get some of my other things done too 😊

* I emailed re some metal prints that’d been accepted for a show re the requirement everything had to be framed and/or have a wire to be hung. I’d chosen to have some metal prints made when Sheila & I’d seen how gorgeous they looked, though they were all displayed on easels ‘cept one super neat one of the Alamo that’d had a custom hand crafted frame created for it. Was told no exceptions & how’d I expect the potential buyer to display it? Replied, kinda like I’d seen at previous shows there, on an easel. Also said I could leave those two off my accepted entries if that’d help. Was told no changes, no exceptions. Hmmm. Replied, does that mean they’re accepted as is for easel display or nothing accepted unless I framed the metal prints. No reply. Hmmm. This morning, still no reply. Hmmmm. I know these folks, they’re good people, and I know this show’ll be a big one, and I haven’t been able to help due to my most recent surgery, and they’re obviously overwhelmed. I’d wait.

* A little wary, I checked the page for uploading 3 sample images for curated shows via a local art org I’d recently joined. The page had given me a msg the site owner would have to approve me before I could upload my images. I’d already received word I’d been accepted, gotten emails re future shows & even an invite to the group’s 20th anniversary get together soon. I gathered and tweaked my 3 images and signed into the upload page. Got the same msg. Still needed the site owner’s approval. Almost sent the group an email asking what’s up. But decided yesterday that was enough frustration & pushing for one day, and also decided I’d give it at least one more day before recontacting the group directly again.

Felt more than a bit flustered by then.

Which for me is worse than frustrated ‘cause it throws me off balance, not knowing which way to react, what would be most effective. But I was still game. Figured, I’ll do some things I have more control over, format my images for my next post.

* Didn’t have enough pics I wanted to choose from in my iPhone, which would’ve made the process quicker. But I often switch back & forth between my XR & my Cannon compact, depending on how much detail or control I need over the scene in front of me. WiFi’d a selection of shots I liked into my iPad. They’re much bigger files and if detail or other nuances are important for me in that shot, I’m glad to have that option. Ended up with one great shot from my XR & 2 from my cannon. My process for uploading them to Fine Art America takes a little time but’s worth it to me if I’m going to have them there for folks to buy prints and/or gifts with that image on them. I save the original images into newly named files, then each image is exported into Affinity Photo where, after any image tweaking, rarely a whole lot, I create a 16 bit Tif, an upload-able jpg with “Adan” on it (no italics of course 😊), a 2nd jpg version if needed with the sig on a different place if I feel it’s needed to show up on particular products (like the spiral notebook or such), and I also create a WordPress file of smaller size suitable for web use & esp smaller mobile screens. So I created these for the 3 images of Cypress Creek I liked best from our recent visit to Wimberley (not counting family pics 😊).

By the time I’d done all that, I had just enough energy left to upload the 1st of the 3 to Fine Art America last night, with the aim to upload the rest today. Saw this morning the image already has a nice comment on it 🙏

Amazing what a good night’s sleep, after watching even better than usual episodes of The Rookie and FBI, can do ❤️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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