My Day Ahead – Oct 29, 2019

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Today is an extremely rare day – I have no idea what we may be up to, lol! Good thing today’s reading-review of Notan’s up & going!

We have so many things coming up tomorrow and Thursday, I think we may need a buffer day anyway, but we’ll see 😊

Sometimes just winding through a day is an adventure in itself ❤️


(morning walk)
My highly anticipated warm mild day before the cold fronts arrived dissipated like steam from a stove through an adjacent open window 😊 It was enough, with a continuing stomach unease (though better than yesterday) to keep me home while Sheila went to SilverSneakers strength class at Gold’s Gym. We’d taken a short walk after breakfast (as per the excellent advice in WebMD’s quiz I recently reblogged), which’d helped my stomach, and which also showed up as mostly vigorous intensity (vs moderate or not at all), telling me my system was being taxed. Not a bad thing in itself, but a signal to be aware that usually lighter activity was triggering more exertion than usual. Those trackers, esp my Garmin, is useful in ways I hadn’t expected!

On an even more of a plus side of things, I did get to work on my reg post for today, which has grabbed hold of my attention since Sunday night. My reading-review (still reading, still evaluating 😊) of Notan, is proving to be a deep chest full of goodies for my creative curiosity and is having the pleasurable effect of engaging both my mind and my feelings. Nice! I’m sure enough of the value of this short book I’ve already added it to my Arts & Photography product page on Amazon!

Originally, today’s reg post on my ongoing review of the book Notan & its concepts, was to be a short quote, a short commentary, and see where it went from there (in terms of future updates on my readings).

Well, “where it went front there” was into a rapid engagement in me about comparing / contrasting a sample or two of my work against the ideas just in the forward, lol!

Definitely unexpected, but also definitely welcomed ❤️

(evening walking)
Then, by 4, I was worn out, slept over two hours, and went for a wobbly-to-start but strong walk about the apt complex. The cool but mild evening had clusters of folks and kids and pets out chatting and running about. It was like a village in a lot of ways, some folks waving or nodding as I passed by, others giving or wanting to be to themselves or group already clustered an animated amongst themselves. It’s been a very long time since we’d lived in apartments, esp such a large meandering complex of bldgs, and I’ve really no idea what we’ll opt to do next summer. Play it by ear I guess, like we did this year, minus any more medical situations hopefully 😊

Evening, Sheila & I watched the Rookie, then The Durrells in Corfu, sadly ending their run this year – one of the best multi-generational shows set in another culture and surrounded by both the Ionian Sea and historical events leading to WWII. Masterpiece does a literally masterful production! 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • I know, I have the book and feel the same way, lol! I made sure in my post to say I wasn’t even sure if and when I’d do a followup. I was gonna read some more today, but no way. Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I’ll be going to the Old Bakery 1st time in 2 mths; hope the rain holds off 😊


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