My Day Ahead – Nov 07, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Listening to the breeze wake into a wind outside, with rain gliding in with it soon. The music of “wake up & get going!” 😊 Sheila needs to leave early for her PT appt and I need to do something, oh yeah, make a second pot of coffee and then breakfast, lol!

Weather station I like online (though I use their app mostly) says air quality here in Austin is moderate, but has a frown face on it, then a warning for seniors – hmmm, moderate? Goodness, lol!

Well, meanwhile, I’ve two other immediate challenges for today, one finding enough open time to get my walking in. Temps are mild this morning & we have plenty of umbrellas 😊 but we leave at 2:30 to get the 6 year old, then take him to ninja, then go for a rare supper via Wheatsville’s $5 special, then try to make it home before dark. Usually after this routine we’re all three pretty knonked out, though happily so 💕

My other challenge will be finding time for either painting or a blog post. Who knows what’ll happen there! My new article series, My Yesterday in Pictures may come in more handy than I first thought, lol! Wish us luck guys 😊


Yesterday, round 8pm, it was like I hit a wall, or a lack of an energy wall to support me, lol! Either way, I had to stop & rest. No more walking, painting, blogging, tweeting, uh well, maybe a small snack 😊 But I was done for the evening —

10,000+ steps courtesy of walks, going to Hobby Lobby (new mop brush), + working a bit at the Old Bakery Emporium to restock prints.

That alone, lol 😂

But I over-ate, over walked, over just plain had a good time today ❤️

I pushed more than I normally would because today (Thursday) the weather is changing for the wetter and colder, much colder for round here, for quite a few days! Then, ‘bout Monday, it’s gonna really get cold! Brrrrrr!

I even created a new image-orientated post series I can upload “fairly” easily. It can supplement the My Day Ahead posts with the images of things mentioned there. I’m calling the new posts, My Yesterday in Pictures 😊

Plus tomorrow we pick up Mr Max after school, take him to ninja, go to Wheatsville for their famous Thursday $5 suppers. This time around it’s Pasta Bolognese, one of Sheila’s favs! Then home before dark so he can do his homework, then maybe (ok, for sure) a little TV and fun 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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