My Day Ahead – Nov 08, 2019

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Up early, taking the six year old to school. We were going to go eat breakfast out, but I’ve become more & more finicky ‘bout what I eat as my taste buds return from who knows how many decades of acid reflux stunted enjoyment, lol! 😂

We’ll have breakfast at home, and I might go w/Sheila to Gold’s Gym and walk the track while she does SilverSneakers cardio. If I do go, I’ll also probably use a ball as I walk the laps. Yesterday I found a SilverSneakers post about doing just that as one walks as a really big deal! I was impressed, lol! I plan to reblog it this coming weekend.

The rest of the day? I did order the projector I wrote about recently, one I can project digital shots of my work onto a screen to “work” from, seeing if and how to enhance originals in progress. I’m also expecting a new pack of daylight bulbs to fit the ceiling fan light in my art room (already have a pack of reg daylight bulbs for lamps etc – amazing how they cheer a room up in winter! Yeah, as far as most of us seniors here in Austin are concerned, if it’s not 100+ degrees summer, it’s either a fluke, or winter 😊 No idea what tinkering it might take to get the projector going (I have an HDMI adapter already), plus the screen I got to go with it.

Should be interesting though, wish me luck!


Listened to (while on treadmill at apt clubhouse) Bruce Springsteen, for a 30 minute walk-set. Only 4 songs, but did play them all more than once, some more than others 😊 In order of my listening – I’m Goin’ Down, Dancing in the Dark, I’m on Fire, and Hungry Heart 💕

Probably because when I’m a treadmill I can’t amble, or mosey, or stop-take a picture-start again like when I’m out on a sidewalk, or pathways between apts, taking my time when I want and speeding up when I want, not as easily anyway. I can’t just think it and do it like when I’m walking outside! Gotta adjust the treadmill speed, maybe put a hand on one of the bars to balance while adjusting, all that, lol!

So maybe partly cause of all that, and partly my mood, I picked some of Bruce Springsteen’s songs to treadmill-walk by.

I can kinda say say I grew up listening to his music, but more accurately, it was a significant time in my life. I’d already really grown up, from Junior high on, listening to the Beatles, Stones. Hungry Heart was released the year I met Sheila, ‘80 – ‘nuf said ☺️ and it still brings an immediate pounding in my heart ❤️ The lyrics “kinda” mirrored my life then, if I romanticize myself enough, lol!

The other three songs of his were ‘84, and by then Sheila and I and our three kids (blended family) were in full gear. Kids were growing up, fast! I’d been painting steady since the late 70s and picked up doing malls and art shows and festivals and would for more than another decade – all while doing the Lone Star Drama, an 1800 seat outdoor amphitheatre, with the kids, at night, on the west end of Galveston.

His music mirrored our lives then, the energy and verve. Wikipedia has a good summary/history (see the 1984-91 section). MTV was hot. A young Courteney Cox jumped on stage (staged? we didn’t care either way 😊) to dance with him & his music. Our kids could walk to the seawall. Sheila and I had coffee nearly everyday at a coffee shop on the seawall, just blocks from where we lived. History rolled all around us, Lafitte the Pirate, Galvez the Spanish Explorer, hurricanes, salt and birds in the air — all that played in mind and heart as I walked on the treadmill listening to Bruce Springsteen’s music, the drive of the drums, wail of the sax, and of course, his voice ❤️

Music and memories fed my 1st 30 minute walking set since August 💕


My Yesterday in Pictures, w/pics of me in the fitness room 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • Me too! On both counts! 😊 Except for when I get a bug in my ear (literally?) & listen to one artist, like Springsteen, Stevie Nicks & a few others, I love the variety of hopping from sound to sound to run the course of whatever’s percolating in me at the moment. And, as for the projector, I so much wanted to at least try it out today, and here it is almost 1/4 to 7 cst, and I’m just now responding to comments, picked up the daylight bulbs from Amazon (plus a dragon for you know who, but he cant’ know 🤫), going to multiple grocery stores, walking(s), and yes, of course, all my meals, lol. Tomorrow – I promise myself – different story! 😊


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