My Yesterday in Pictures for Nov 08, 2019 😊

Adan’s Garmin Tracker 11.08.19
Adan’s Garmin Tracker 11.08.19

My Yesterday in Pictures Format

I’ve simply built my daily walking & painting up to the point where I need the time for these two vital parts of keeping me healthy and/or sane, lol!

Plus, instead of having to work images into the My Day Ahead series posts, this new series will enable me to keep those as pure text, and supplement with images from a variety of possibilities here. It’s an experiment of course, so we’ll see 😊


Early Morning Start
Leaving early anywhere our age is challenging, lol, even if for fun reasons. Rain & cold greeted us best they could, sending a little gold light our way!

Rainy Day Dusk 11.08.19
Rainy Day Dusk 11.08.19

Fun Drop-off
7:30 in the morning, but children, and it seems – grandchildren, esp to us grandparents – are inexhaustible any time of day, and playing hide-my-shoes with a schoolmate before class, while posing next to one’s cotton-swab art work creation, makes the timing all worth while ❤️

Max w/Cotton Swab Skeleton
Max w/Cotton Swab Skeleton

Fitness Fun
Gold’s Gym gets going even earlier than we could make it there, but had to have breakfast 1st & fuel up, lol! These dark pants used to fit me really well, but after 2 surgeries and dropping 20 lbs, which seems to have held steady for several weeks now, I may need a new pair ☺️

Adan @ Gold’s Gym 11.08.19
Adan @ Gold’s Gym 11.08.19

I mostly walked, carrying a soft, easy to grip, light weight ball (maybe 1lb or so?). I’d 1st come across the idea of doing that while walking on an early track-walk at The Y, also close by, fairly shortly after my 2nd surgery, but hadn’t been able to replicate it much since then til lately.

SilverSneakers calls a variation of this a Carry Exercise & has a great article on it!
It’s my reblog post for the day 😊

And, as my Garmin Tracker let me know after, my moderate to vigorous intensity minutes this week are already 2x my minimum goal of 150 minutes per week (Mon-Sun), which is more a good health fitness level, vs a maintaining level. But it all takes time, or time’ ll take it’s toll, lol! 💕

Adan’s Garmin Tracker 11.08.19
Adan’s Garmin Tracker 11.08.19


My Day Ahead series posts elaborate an both my day ahead & the day past, my yesterday ❤️


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Senior Walking Fitness

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Thanks everyone! 😊


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