My Day Ahead – Nov 21, 2019

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Got up early to help Sheila be able to leave early for her PT appt & then on to her SilverSneakers Yoga class at Gold’s Gym, then after that maybe lunch w/a friend, so easy for me to decide to stay home, despite the clouds and slight wet outside 😊 As it is, it’s already 10am, (up at 5:30) and I’m just now getting to my Day Ahead post, lol! I did get in a short walk and a few pics of today’s cloudy version of yesterday, plus picked out what I want to work on in the art room. Plus I really need to upload images of the paintings at Creative Arts Society venues onto Fine Art America. So plenty to do and glad of it! There’s plenty of folks it seems (people I know or know of) kinda adrift with no overriding goal or desire of what to do with themselves. I know the feeling. Anytime I’ve lost contact with writing or painting or taking pictures, of dancing or music or fitness (classes or on my own), I’ve felt like that. Adrift. An asteroid looking for something to circle and not crash ❤️ I’ve no answers, other than don’t quit searching…

You’ll find something that’ll do 💕


Listening to Taylor Swift (Better Calm Down, Cruel Summer – 2019), Toto (Hold the Line – 1978) : amazing how the songs from each both strike me as contemporary 😊 🎶

Wikipedia, has this to say about Toto’s hit song :

Jeff Porcaro, the band’s drummer, gave a definition for the song:

“‘Hold the Line’ was a perfect example of what people will describe as your heavy metal chord guitar licks, your great triplet A-notes on the piano, your ‘Sly’-hot-fun-in-the-summertime groove, all mishmashed together with a boy from New Orleans singing… and it really crossed over a lot of lines.”

Ear Plugs vs Sleeping Head Phones; Old Bakery & Emporium

I’d recently been experimenting w/ear plugs to aid for falling asleep when there’s noise about, and did have good success with a throw away pair my wife found in a drawer (still fresh in their pack!) so ordered a supply of what seemed similar. Well, they were shorter and slipped out of my ears, so they only worked as they were expanding and then for a minute or less more. So I did more research and found out I wouldn’t’ve (shouldn’t?) wear ear plugs nightly anyway. Interferes with our natural ear wax process that prevents our ear drums from being caked a sticky yellow, lol! And I only needed enough distraction to fall asleep, then usually sleep well enough not to be woke up by incidental noise, ie, something HUGE would probably still wake me, thank goodness! ‘Course if it was really huge my wife’s screams would also probably wake me 😊

So anyway, read reviews and found a lot of positive comments re using a sleeping eye-cover ninja-like strap (true!) that doubles as a headband when walking or running, but also has Bluetooth speakers on the ear covers! I’ve only used it twice, but so far – nice! I’ll have to have Sheila take a pic of me wearing it and post it on one of My Yesterday in Pictures posts. Can’t find the exact one I got, but here’s a link to the brand w/similar ones.

(Old Bakery & Emporium)
Yesterday was also cloudy in the morning, but wit’s out today’s light showers. Yesterday also cleared into partly sunny in the afternoon; can only hope for the same today 😊

Viewing the wonderful art, like at the Old Bakery, always inspires me to return to working on my own, which I did late in the afternoon, when I varnished In the Light plus worked on a highly textured unnamed semi-abstract.

Plus it also reminds me of the potency of an original work of art vs a print (and I love prints!) It’s like the difference of reading a great story of being in love, and being in love.

There’s something to be said for both experiences, but a real piece of art, and a real time experience of being in love, leave a lot that can’t be said. Only experienced… ❤️

Quick added note – the sun just came out! 11:03 am 💕

Note: pics of walking a change in the weather cloudy morning and more, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 20’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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