My Day Ahead – Nov 30, 2019 – Preparing My 1st Acrylic Painting in 20 Years

Good Morning Bird Poster -


I was all set to complain, since it’s already nearly 3pm, I don’t have much of my day ahead of me anymore, lol! Then I thought, well, I do have some day still ahead me. That better mean something to me, or I’ve got other problems 😊

Other than sleeping an hour late (til 7), a very leisurely breakfast (my famous morning cereal w/more berries than whole wheat circles, ie, oats), we also went out to use valuable coupons – Sheila at Kohl’s (where I left her off), and me at Michael’s 👩‍🎤. Both are easy distance from the other and we each had a leisurely profitable (meaning got lots of goodies) shopping 😊 I’ll try and have some pics of my paints in tomorrow’s My Yesterday in Pictures.

And, despite it being mid to upper 80s, we’ve walked a few times and I look fwd to a cooler evening walk ❤️


Listening to the quiet this time around ☺️

Painting Experiment with Acrylics – Evening Walking into the Fog

(experimenting w/acrylics)
Though in tiny steps, I continue to work my into developing my 1st acrylic since before 2000 when I switched to oils. I’m not giving up on oils, but rather expanding what I work with. It appears some artists are now laying in anything from a one layer base to an evolved in-lay before proceeding with oils on the same piece! I think the artist that first and most impacted me regarding working from acrylic to oils in one art work is Raphael Seygnovert. Here’s a link to one of his blog posts w/pics and commentary in both French & English – .

My plan for my current experiment is to do my ongoing piece start to finish in acrylic. Eventually, hopefully, or as commented to a fellow artist, if I don’t burn out, lol! Then, in a 2nd piece, work looser, and merge oil over acrylic, followed – maybe, hopefully, a 3rd related piece in oils. All from the same photo, but stylistically differing among the three. We’ll see 😊 Wish me lots of luck! ☺️

(walking the evening into fog)
I really like capturing evening and night shots. It’s not something I do a lot of, or get many good shots of either, lol! But I get a few, like my recent Paris floral among my floral shots of the last twenty years. And like last night on my walk.

My walk began in twilight, proceeded into night, and suddenly, with the temperature drop meeting the dew point, fog!

It’s a fun thing capturing the shift in light, and am very grateful to fellow blogger, Living the Dream via China (person, not the country 😊) for Reblogging my post! I’ve followed her posts for awhile now, and it’s amazing the variety and quality she picks out, so I feel very honored! ❤️

Note: pics of my acrylic painting experiment and my evening photography are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 29’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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