Photography for Painting via Dianne Mize Studio Nov 2019

Detail instruction shot from Photographing for Painting -
Detail instruction shot from Photographing for Painting

11-30-2019 – Photographing for Painting
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“There are multiple opinions about painting from photographs vs. working from real life observation.  Frankly, like many controversial subjects, I think this one takes on tunnel vision.  The important thing is not where your images come from, but how you experience them and what you do with them….”


Dianne Mize is one of my fav artist teachers to read and learn from. She’s the one who explained Notan well enough for me I bought a Notan book, lol! And, begun applying it – ok, sorta 😊 – in my art work. She is definitely the 1st to make me really look at and consider values in colors as not only technically useful, but beauty enhancing (for my purposes).

She publishes free tutorials via both her newsletter and YouTube, plus offers live fee-based online intensives with live feedback.

This particular tutorial appealed to me specifically because, other than my free-range intuitive abstracts, most of my work is based from my own original photos. So I personally know how valuable her information in this post is, and was a great reminder to myself of how to take better advantage of the visual information in my photos! ❤️

Her full website w/tons of links is at : .

And her most eye-catching career detail for me is, “Teacher and Art Department Head, Georgia’s Governor’s Honors Program (Six Summers)”

My fav quote from her bio is, “I prefer artists who ignore the current trends and follow their own inner directions, regardless of genre or time period.” 💕

I hope you’ll give this remarkable teacher of many decades a look. I truly think you might be surprised how pleased you’ll be you did 😊

Thanks everyone!


  1. Most of my work comes from photos I have taken as well and it is a constant struggle not to lean on them too much. I do feel very strongly that artists should use only their own material.

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