The Power of Understatement (Lost Edges) via Dianne Mize Studio Feb 2020

Dianne Mize - The Power of Understatement (Lost Edges) -
Dianne Mize – The Power of Understatement (Lost Edges) –

02-15-2020 – The Power of Understatement
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“In the 1960’s I attended an art show in which hung a huge mural size painting showing as its content the total of three words:  “Say Everything Completely”.  I rebelled against that message then and I bristle at it now. The reason is that in my work, a part of my personal aesthetic is understatement.”


I first reblogged one of Dianne Mize’s newsletters on art just a few months ago (using photography for one’s art) and this most recent coincides perfectly with pictures I’m tinkering with right now, deciding how much line work to start with, and of course end with, in my little 6×6 absorbent ground watercolor projects.

This very short post of hers illustrates the idea of the power of lost edges in just a few images and words. Kinda reflects her whole message!

I hope you’ll take a quick look. Though the resultant thoughts might be much longer lingering – they sure are for me, lol!

I’d begun experimenting with pen and ink drawing to go with my watercolor experiments (as per an excellent video on Amazon Prime), so Dianne’s newsletter tip was extra opportune for my work.

Her post got me looking for more info, and I’ll have a rare same-day-second reblog later today from someone else 😊 [update 02.17.20 : my reblog of Caroline Buchanan’s post on Lost Edges is now live]

Both these reblog-findings come on perfect on the heels timing of several tentative beginnings of my own following seeing Peter Woolley’s pen and wash video notated above.

So many connections, and a lot of fun! ❤️

Thanks everyone!


  1. […] This morning I posted Dianne Mize’s newsletter tip on Lost Edges, and I felt Caroline’s longer post would be a great followup – mirroring how I came across each of these two talented artists’ posts.Caroline’s post is much older, 2014, but as is true of valuable information about art, and good and great art itself, time doesn’t matter that much in terms of the material’s timeliness or value ❤️ There’s so much great creativity going on all around us! I hope you enjoy this also! 💕 Adan […]

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