My Yesterday in Pictures for, Dec 17, 2019 – Night Flower 8×8 In-Progress

Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 c ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 c ©Felipe Adan Lerma

My Yesterday in Pictures Format

I’ve simply built my daily walking & painting up to the point where I need the time for these two vital parts of keeping me healthy and/or sane, lol!

My Day Ahead series posts will continue, but on a much more intermittent basis. Already it seems some of that series’ usefulness is being incorporated into this new series’ format, me yakking ‘bout what when on, on the yesterday part of my life anyway, lol! It’s a continuing experiment of course, so we’ll see 😊


Night Flower 8×8 Oil In-Progress

Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 a ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 a ©Felipe Adan Lerma

So originally, this 8×8 was left as is back before summer before the move & surgeries, except for the big mass of lighter heavy lavender patches. Basically it had the crescent moon, black background and lots of smudges, lol!

Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 b ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 b ©Felipe Adan Lerma

I wanted to glaze the lavender patches, but am still getting a handle on oil glazing and made my mixture way to thick. I was hurry to get “some” painting in before the light left and the day was too packed with chores, phone calls, and holiday related stuff.

Lesson’s learned?

  • be more patient. I waited all these months, and hurrying now only created more challenges than I’d wanted, ie. paint has to dry before I can glaze the way I want
  • also create more space and time to mix the thinner glaze I’d envisioned
  • and the less vibrant lavender tones fit the mood I liked about the first big pass on this since I’d left it be before summer, ie, brighter isn’t always the answer (though still my usual preference)
  • oils are even more different from acrylic glazes than I’d experienced yet
Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 c ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Night Flower inprogress Dec 17’19 c ©Felipe Adan Lerma
  • but, oil scrape away layers much easier than acrylics
  • and, the glare on the surface taking the pic suggests an interesting diagonal split ‘tween real dark and less dark backgrounds

So this gives a little idea of my thinking, at least in regards to this piece.

It also puts an even stronger contrast for me re glazing (or trying to glaze, lol!) between oils and acrylics. I wouldn’t’ve been able to scrape off the acrylic paint as well as I did the oil, though w/a damp cloth or paper towel, could have wiped off as much as hadn’t dried yet. But then again, after a few minutes, I could’ve painted over the sections I wanted changed (light to dark).

Either way, shaping the image, like I’ve done w/my recent and 1st acrylic since the 80s, Floating Flowers, is a critical part of the creative process for me. Good for me to know, and good for me as fun 💕 😊


Another Legacy 8×8 From Before the Surgeries

Untitled inprogress 8x8 oil 12.18.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Untitled inprogress 8×8 oil 12.18.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Just a quick look at another work I’ve recently picked up from where I’d left off this past spring (before the move & surgeries). Not completely sure what direction this might take, but had a few notions when I saw this again in good light, the textures suggesting possibilities to me….

Anyway, glad to have dug down into my art again today after my trip to Houston w/family to see my mom and Christmas lights.

Thanks everyone, take care! 😊


My Day Ahead series posts, an intermittent series, elaborates on both my day ahead & the day past, my yesterday 😊

I try to post My Yesterday in Pictures series daily ❤️



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Thanks everyone! 😊


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    • True, they can be “very” messy. I only water water soluble oils, so I’m “kinda” still in sync w/acrylics, ‘cept they dry so fast. Used to hate that, now finding that an advantage too. I think for producing “lots” of images, Acrylics is definitely the way to go. Takes too long, even for a production line of oils – which I try to do – to dry! Still, all fun creatively 😊


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