September 30, 2021 – Reblog : A Visual Problem-solver or Just Getting It Right? (Andrew Wyeth’s Brown Swiss) via Dianne Mize

Andrew Wyeth's Brown Swiss Via Dianne Mize's Tips for Painting
Andrew Wyeth’s Brown Swiss Via Dianne Mize’s Tips for Painting

This is, it turns out, a reblog of a reblog, lol! First posted by Dianne Mize about this time last year (Sept 2020), she’s kindly reposted, and I’m very glad she did!

I’ve recently been “experimenting” with light molding paste, acrylics, watercolors, line art, figure art, and even masking fluid. Again. As I have over many decades, but in a scattered-when-I felt-like-it sort of way.

I’m still mostly on a “when I feel like it” track, lol, but very recently, a more steady track of studies on paper and experiments (with the molding paste and masking fluid) —

plus combining all those above mentioned items in my 1st paragraph.

Sometimes surprisingly well, other times..well 😊

I very much needed to hear her reiteration —

Sometimes it’s a good idea to examine the working process of master artists. Their many quick sketches, flubbed studies and abandoned efforts often get ignored in our admiration of their final products. Too many myths swirl in our brains. We assume master painters just know how to get it right. MYTH ALL IN CAPS! It just is not true.

Dianne uses work from Andrew Wyeth, but I’m not going to post any of the sample studies he did she posted – six great examples leading to the header image top!

It’s obvious from the 6 samples, his quest for the right vision / proportions / elements must have been quite a seesaw between his imagination and experimenting.

It’s also much encourage for an artist like me ❤️

Here’s the link to her full post —

Plus my series of posts featuring Dianne tips, suggestion and videos are at –


Thanks so much everyone! Experiment as you need! It’s part of the process! Sometimes as much fun as it can be grueling, at least for me, lol 💕


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