My Three Latest Art and Photo Uploads to Fine Art America 😊

Lady Of The Garden 6x6 Acrylic Watercolor #3 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Lady Of The Garden 6×6 Acrylic Watercolor #3 ©Felipe Adan Lerma×6-acrylic-watercolor-3-felipe-adan-lerma.html
Currently available 😊

Above is one of three new images I’ve relatively recently uploaded to my Fine Art America site.

Lady of the Garden is one of my early 6×6 watercolor explorations on Absorbent Ground, most of which I laid down some watercolor washes, the absorbent ground having been textured just a bit, and then studied to see what if any image the result inspired in me!

Eventually an elegantly dress lady in a hat, walking happily in their garden, seemed to be what I was bring out from my first inlays of paint.

I also experimented, literally carving my sig into the absorbent ground while still wet. It definitely creates an imprint, and is something to keep in mind as I go forward with new work 😊

It’s all a process. Even surprise realizations being part of that process I think, and watercolor work itself is/was a process evolving from my work on the painting below —

Floating Blooms Acrylic Painting ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Floating Blooms Acrylic Painting ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Currently available 😊

Floating Blooms above is my transition acrylic piece, moving from nearly two decades of water soluble oils, back to my 80s paint preference, acrylics!

It turned out being a transition piece because, working with water even more so than possible, or usual anyway, with water soluble oils, reminded me I’d never done another watercolor since one in the late 70s when I knew literally nothing about watercolors and painted one small piece, a tea jar making sun tea on our back porch railing, via what I now realize was a purely dry and dry technique, lol 😂

I’d happened to first read about absorbent grounds to create watercolors on canvas researching how to do washes with acrylics, and decided I needed to experiment once again, over forty years later, with watercolors again ❤️

I bought an inexpensive watercolor pan set at Michaels, and Ridges of Spring Light became my very first watercolor experiment and my first thought and reaction using water with watercolor was – WOW! 💕

Process sometimes also means circling back, which is what led me to my floral macro photo below.

Floral Series 5 A Daughters Flower Circa 2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Floral Series 5 A Daughters Flower Circa 2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Prints & gifts available on FAA 😊

Our youngest girl (along with her 7 year old) has loved gardening and flowers since she herself was a child. I first realized this back in the early 80s as I was clumsily, and without a clue, was ”sticking” flower seeds into the ground around our house, I felt a motion beside me, looked over, and saw her squatting beside me. Big eyes wide, she says, “Whatcha doing?” ❤️

The image above is from a large shot of a floral arrangement on her breakfast room table in her home. I really liked the crop and view, but then took it into my iPhone’s editing app and simply adjusted the Noise filter, creating this nearly watercolor ready rendition 😊


So these are my three most recent uploads to my site on Fine Art America. I’d wanted to do more, more frequently, and post about each one, but as I pointed out in my most recent post, time and other priorities took the lead, and their toll.

Still, this has worked out to really show my creative journey the last few months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story, and my work!

All the best everyone!


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  • At Rest With Nature – New Watercolor on Absorbent Ground, May 2020
    At Peace With Nature has several firsts for me. One, it’s a 5×7 stretched canvas, another size like my recent 6×12, A Walk Among the Wildflowers, I haven’t done in quite awhile, certainly even further back by maybe even decades, lol! It’s an interesting size, being small, yet enabling and enhancing the sense of length or height, like the 6×12, but more subtly.
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  • A Walk Among the WildFlowers – New Watercolor on Absorbent Ground, May 2020
    As one can tell by my photo below, I took a few liberties, but to some extent, that happens whether I plan it or not, lol 😂 But I like the result too much to alter anything on it. Another version, another time, will elicit a different response, and I do think this is one motif I’ll want to do more of, vs variations for just practice 😊

Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. Hello Felipe, hope you and your family is well…we are all dealing with this situation as best as possible but I see you are doing some lovely work. Take good care, stay aware and home, that is the best we can do to go through this pandemic with health and sanity. All the best and my greetings, happiness and love from Spain.

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