Adan’s Fine Art America Images # 15 – Yoga Creativity and Awareness, Digital Art circa 2016

Yoga Creativity and Awareness circa 2016 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Yoga Creativity and Awareness circa 2016 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

I’d very much begun to think “digital” was the way for me to go by this time in early 2016, but I’d both begun to see my technical limitations and feel a growing reluctance within myself to put myself through the kind of rigorous retraining I’d need to put myself through to gain true proficiency and ability to work real magic digitally. The effort, I could tell, would rival what I already knew would be required of me to get back into painting. I weighed the joy I felt and saw via my digital work, and the joy I felt completing a work of art with pigment and texture and physical presence. And I knew I preferred the latter 😊 I love this piece for its variety of effects, and its message so dear to me, but I knew I was nearing the time to return to painting. Soon my return-journey – first from water soluble oils, then back through acrylics – and eventually but still unknown to me: watercolors – would begin….

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About my “Adan’s Fine Art America Images” Series
Updated 08.25.20

After hitting a pause the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in mid-March with Image # 12, I’m determined to resume and (lesson learned during virus-lockdown) take my time 😊

My goal is a new image each week, still maintaining uploading from my beginning with Fine Art America (FAA) in early 2016. At that pace, plus uploading new images each week or more, that’ll keep me busy for awhile ☺️

I’m hoping that, besides chronicling my uploaded images to FAA, this will also give both myself and the reader/viewer info & insights into my creative journey. Thanks so much everyone!


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. […] of what I see in Creativity and Awareness in Yoga, and in a few earlier digital pieces, like in Yoga Creativity and Awareness Art Print which I featured in a post last week. I’m a bit away (sequentially) from posting those works, mostly because I’ve been fortunate to […]

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    • You are much too kind, Tiffany! I see myself as just lucky enough to have been at it long enough to accumulate more than even I can remember I have, lol! Including art! Starting with my earliest uploads (spring of 2016) to Fine Art America, vs random, I’m beginning to realize helps me see another stretch of my creative time w/more perspective, what I was thinking then, and where it was inevitably leading it seems sometimes 😊 Thank you, Tiffany! ❤️


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