Adan’s Fine Art America Images # 16 – Creativity and Awareness in Yoga, Uploaded 04.11.16

Creativity and Awareness in Yoga Digital Art ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Creativity and Awareness in Yoga Digital Art ©Felipe Adan Lerma

My previous post in this series of my uploads to Fine Art America since early 2016, was also a strongly developed digital creation, but Creativity and Awareness in Yoga was the last of works I developed with as much interlacing of images and dimensions. I do think some day in the future, if I’m very lucky to reach my 90s (and maybe my latter 80s) a couple of decades or so from now, my images will prove an invaluable source of material for work like that above. For now though, what I feel the need most to do, while I can, is push forward with pigment, currently watercolor. I feel I’m nearing a level of recognition of what and how to create images – with physical pigment – with somewhat of what I see in Creativity and Awareness in Yoga, and in a few earlier digital pieces, like in Yoga Creativity and Awareness Art Print which I featured in a post last week. I’m a bit away (sequentially) from posting those works, mostly because I’ve been fortunate to have maintained a relatively good pace of production, and want to upload in creation-sequence so as to “kinda” keep a narrative 😊, but there is one early watercolor figure already posted on FAA & I’ll note it below. It’s sorta surrealistic, like the digital work above and blogged about last week, but in a surrealist manner more powerful – in my work – in paint. I have seen some “very” surrealistic, almost scary, digital work by other artists, but that’s another whole talent I think! Eventually, my figurative work weaving in elements of surprise like in this and my previously blogged digital work, is taking on more a narrative, within a landscape of either recognizable objects (man made or natural), or a landscape of color. A contemporary painter I know, Tiffany Arp-Daleo, has I think, gone well in that direction with objects and butterflies among other things, with her ongoing abstract work, in a beautiful dynamic way I really like. Eventually, I’d like to see my digital work, like that above from 2016, evolve the same way, but with a figurative focus, which has always been a desire, and a challenge for me ☺️ Which might well fulfill in some strange convoluted that’s-the-way-life works way the text in today’s post – Creativity and Awareness in Yoga 💕

To see where I’m currently “at” with watercolors, please see my posts here on my site –

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About my “Adan’s Fine Art America Images” Series
Updated 08.25.20

After hitting a pause the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in mid-March with Image # 12, I’m determined to resume and (lesson learned during virus-lockdown) take my time 😊

My goal is a new image each week, still maintaining uploading from my beginning with Fine Art America (FAA) in early 2016. At that pace, plus uploading new images each week or more, that’ll keep me busy for awhile ☺️

I’m hoping that, besides chronicling my uploaded images to FAA, this will also give both myself and the reader/viewer info & insights into my creative journey. Thanks so much everyone!


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