My 2021 Amazon Affiliated Recommended Items My Wife and I Have Bought or Like To – Art Calendars and Postcard Books!

Frida Kahlo 2021 Calendar My Amazon Affiliate Link -
Frida Kahlo 2021 Calendar My Amazon Affiliate Link –

I’ve adjusted my series title to reflect the new year, 2021, and am adding fun items my wife and I have either bought or would really like to 😊

This calendar is high on my list to get this new year!

The images are, noted on the description –
“An eclectic collection of portraits of Frida Kahlo by artists such as Silas Toball, Kat Tatz, Sophie Wilkins, Carlos Alberto Quintero, and Catrin Welz-Stein.”

Five images are included on the description page of some of the year’s images of Frida. “Very” interesting!

Though Frida’s my featured calendar, here’s a few more we also like —

Direct link to Georgia O’Keeffe’s calendar above is –

It also has five or so sample images of pics on various months on Amazon’s description page, some (I think) even nicer than the one above.

Below, though not calendars, are two very nice related products – Postcard Books of Georgia O’Keeffe & Frida’s art work! 💕

Finally, out of curiosity I did a “reason for calendars” search on Google, and found some interesting thoughts 😊 –


My Amazon Affiliate blog series –



My Related Searches 😊

My general Amazon search for Paris Calendars 2021 –

My general Amazon search for Art Calendars 2021 –

My general Amazon search for Postcard Picture Books –


My goal is to feature items from a variety of categories – art of course, but food (important during the pandemic), clothing, household items, plants/planting, and really anything my wife and/or I have gotten, liked, and or can readily recommend ❤️

I don’t have a posting schedule planned, more of an “as able.”

With working to stay healthy (exercise, sleep, good eating!), enjoying creating art, and family, my blogging is very “as able” lol!

Thanks so much everyone! Stay healthy! Be creative, and enjoy!


My Amazon Affiliate blog series –

The Amazon direct link for the book above is –

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Knowing you, you’ll have lots of fun new things to pencil into your new calendars, you’re too creative not to, Tiffany! Even Fauci’s saying by summer most of us’ll have the vaccine! 😊 It’s so weird ‘cause some years I get a bunch of gift calendars too, but not this year, lol! I think that’s what got me searching for fun ones 😊


  1. Felipe, wishing you and your lovely family all the good things for 2021 and may it be a great year for all, filled with health, peace, love and happiness! Take good care my friend, keep up that work and lots of love to you all from Valencia,

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