March 20, 2021 – Happy 1st Day of Spring! I Slept Late, Fed the Birds ( or Did They Feed Me? ), Pandemic Lunch with a Friend, Visited Family, oh, and Painted!

Slept Late
The Time Change and my wife and I have not started speaking yet. We don’t like the time change thing. And it’s not which 1/2 year version we prefer; no, just pick one, and don’t change it anymore! Not..worth..the..hassle. Would really like to know who’s really profiting from changing the time twice a year unnecessarily, lol! So, in protest, after initially making myself get up at my usual 5-6 am time, Sheila and I’ve taken to sleeping later and later. Hopefully we won’t wind up reversing night and day 😏

Who Fed Who? The Birds or Me?
Wasn’t a hard question, first day of spring. More, an intriguing one I thought.

Mild (for Texas) sunshine was out, though the sting of the thinning ozone layer sure felt more immediate and intense than usual, even for such a mild beautiful day.

Either way, I could see the bird feeder was “very” low, so I got the chair to pull down the feeder, got the 20lb bag of bird feed I thought would last a year but – in spring time – lasts less than 2 weeks per fill of the feeder, scooped out the generous mix of wild bird seed from HEB (who’d reversed their mask lift, enabling us to shop there again), got it set back up on it’s hook, refilled the bird bath w/fresh water, sat back inside to work on this morning’s Interesting Tweets post. ‘Course I also, literally, had a bird’s eye view out the windows to balcony and the feeder, and got this sweet almost noir-like image of one of the birds come to feast. They don’t worry ’bout no time change I’m sure, lol!

It’s obvious though, I got as much from all this and the dear birds!

So who feed whom? Each other! 💕

Mutual food for thought 😊

And living!

Pandemic Lunch with a Friend
Sheila and I’ve rarely gone out for any lunches with anyone unless they were close family, and even then only in outdoor, socially distancing locations w/mask mandates still in place. Sheila and I each have had one of two of our Covid shots, not ready to chunk a whole year+ of sacrifice and carefulness for a lunch fling.

Many of the places we passed, mostly outdoor drinking holes decked out to look old time-y and cool were shoulder to shoulder, mostly maskless. And the lunch place we’d first considered doesn’t consider masks or distancing important either, so we opted for Hyde Park Grill where we’d gone to in the past. We’d just wanted to try something new, but not at the price of hijacking our own health, lol!

It was a great lunch! Tasty, distanced, outdoors, with mild sunshine all around us! ♥️

Visited Family
After lunch, Sheila and I drove over to see the youngest girl (with her “one and done” shot in place) and the 8 year old grandson, who wanted to play Minecraft with Grandma. Sheila’s getting the hang of the game and is starting to “slightly” impress the 8 year old, which is impressive 😊 We also all went for a walk in the neighborhood, which is very close to where Sheila and I lived for many many years before our move south where we are now, and where we’re relocating from back to close to our old haunts.

One of those haunts are the many creeks twining through neighborhoods.

During the avoidable #TexasFreeze of Feb 2021 I did get to go out from our son-in-law’s house where we camped and got pics of the creeks near his place, with snow! This time ’round there was no snow, but there was lots of the feeling that Spring had truly arrived —

East Bouldin Creek Austin Texas 03.20.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
East Bouldin Creek Austin Texas 03.20.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

And I Painted
I’d really really”d hoped I’d have Sky on Fire Butterfly finished today, and I think it may well be..but..I made the change(s) I’d been contemplating in my previous watercolor painting update (using New Gamboge via Daniel Smith) in the morning, before the sequence above (bird feeder, lunch, etc) got going, and didn’t finish, or feel I’d finished what needed adjusting til after the same above sequence! 😯

So tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll get a good image I can upload and show what my butterfly’s come to, lol!

It’s a good picture, not sure ’bout anything “great” to it, but I like the feel of lots of it.

Plus I got to use my watercolor brush pen (no color in the pen, just water) to better advantage and experimentation than I’ve been able to before; that alone may prove invaluable going forward – not just via studio work so to speak, but urban sketching, plein air, all hat potential good stuff 😊


I gotta call it a day now. Too tired, even if very pleased with our 1st day of Spring this hopefully much better year than recently 💕

There’s some good links to posts & such above, but gonna try something different and also place them below as references info; not on a regular basis, but when the focus of the post, like this one, covers a lot of stuff.

Take care everyone! Enjoy the time change! And I promise I’ll try to too ☺️



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying some new things and getting out and about! We too are blowing through the bird food, they are insatiable! But, like you, we get so much joy from watching all the different birds that stop by! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re so wonderful (most the time!) – and they’ve so few places to live and eat anymore; so glad they’re willing to tolerate us while we give them something back! And it does seem this spring they’re hungrier than usual, doesn’t it! Interesting 🤔 😊


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