March 19, 2021 – Developing 2 New Art Projects, One a Butterfly Watercolor on Paper, the Other a Digital Gift Item Combo of Poetry, Line Art and Wash for #Jogger – Update 3 : Sky on Fire Butterfly “Almost” Finished!

Sky on Fire Butterfly ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 03.18.21
Sky on Fire Butterfly ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 03.18.21

I’m way slower posting this today than I’d liked – yesterday I thought I’d finished my new watercolor, Sky on Fire Butterfly, but it was too late to get a decent photo anyways.

Plus, much as I wanted to be finished, there’s just a bit more I want to do with it.

But I’m still posting the current almost-final stage (above) 😊

And, a side-by-side w/my prev posted update :

Quite a bit done, but this is one of those projects that just won’t let me go, not yet anyways, lol!

That’s ok. At least it’s still speaking to me, lol! Better than the quiet treatment 😏

Then all I’d be left with is guessing –

“I’m done!” “I’m not done” “Maybe it needs this…” “Or that…”

Not my favored way to work. Except when I’m tinkering. And know I’m tinkering 😊

Below, not counting the background, which I also enhanced from the previous version, with Arteza’s watercolor brush pens, I’ve circled some of the areas I used touches of Daniel Smith watercolor tube paints or M. Graham’s white gouache.

I love the granularity of the background, fragile – visible – ephemeral in touches — moving in space as a whole.

From my experience with acrylics in the 80s, water-soluble oils in the 90s and 2000s, I’ll probably slowly over time be working my way to larger pieces, where these effects show up more easily. But doubt I’ll give up on smaller pieces this time around. So much easier to experiment and not get discouraged with larger pieces not ready to be done. But I’m looking too far ahead. Right now, this 8×12 inch watercolor on paper is holding plenty of attention for me ❤️

Sky on Fire Butterfly detail ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 03.18.21
Sky on Fire Butterfly detail ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 03.18.21

To wrap up, Blue Apatite Genuine and Mayan Blue Genuine, both Daniel Smith colors, are wonderfully rich and luscious. Using a very small round brush, I just dabbed the color on. They’re almost oil-like in their consistency to me.

Blue Apatite Genuine particularly I also used to enhance/restore some of the line work in the original line art, to bring the starting point back into focus just a little bit.

Then, for finishing, really finally finishing 😊 I’m mentally-emotionally tinkering with the idea of one more Daniel Smith color, just a small spot-area, but ain’t gonna say which, in case I change my mind ☺️


For reference – my 1st digital line art / poem / wash (done recently) was Little Dancer.

While my most recent butterfly watercolor superimposed on line art was Floating Butterfly.

My digital line art is done with Affinity Photo, and most my watercolor art via Arteza’s Real Brush Pens.

Touches were done with small amts of Daniel Smith tube watercolor. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference I like.

Take care everyone! Be safe, stay creative & hopeful! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] today, and I think it may well be..but..I made the change(s) I’d been contemplating in my previous watercolor painting update (using New Gamboge via Daniel Smith) in the morning, before the sequence above (bird feeder, lunch, […]

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    • Thanks, Tiffany! Appreciate the feedback; this is one of those paintings I’m not as sure as some of my others, working it a bit here and there, knowing “generally” what I’d like, then working with what I get, lol! Thanks again, Tiffany 😊


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