April 17, 2021 – Reblog/Review : Keeping Colors Crisp and Clean via Dianne Mize

For what probably’ll be my last sorta regular blog post of stuff I like and want to blog about as my wife and I bear down to the last two days of sorting and packing, then two days of taking possession of our new apt & carrying fragile items with us, plus movers-day, followed by a (hopefully) final two days of cleaning at our old apt + carrying out anything left over from all the prior days/turning in our keys/etc 😊 I wanted to do at least one nice post of something I really liked ♥️

And though I’ve almost finally finished Lady in Paris 1889 and even got a 1/2 decent photo pic of it this morning, I’ve since added a few more touches – actually applying some of the 4 common sense tips in today’s newsletter tip from Dianne Mize.

Or at least they seem common sense, when she explained them, lol!

The header image is for tip #4, which, as Dianne says, “can go a long way towards getting clean, crisp color –“

Here then, very encapsulated, and hopefully encouraging you to see her quick easy to read post are the 4, as Dianne calls them, “suggestions” 😊

  • Constantly wipe your brush clean
    (simple enough, but I just only bothered if I had to, lol! she gives several simple easy to apply ideas illustrated with images)
  • Don’t skimp on paint
    (not something I was much prone to in the 2000s when I used oils, or 80s when I used acrylics, but very much a habit, maybe a hesitation, I’ve used with watercolors, though slowly working my way out of; again also nicely visually illustrated)
  • Avoid over-stroking and over-blending
    (the visual here especially is instructive)
  • Find the right hue to lighten your colors
    (something I’ve accidentally done but didn’t realize how “nice” a way it is to accomplish lightening my colors – as per header image – but have more consciously recently applied to my above mentioned Paris acrylic painting almost-finish still-in-progress ☺️ )

Dianne adds, at the end of her short post —

White is among the most beneficial and versatile paints on our palettes, but learning to use it with other colors rather than as a crutch to lighten will go a long way towards keeping those colors clean.

Dianne Mize https://archive.aweber.com/awlist4319336/AeG4F/h/Keeping_Colors_Crisp_and.htm

My series of posts featuring Dianne tips, suggestion and videos are at –


Thanks so much everyone! Stay healthy & creative! ♥️


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