May 02, 2021 – Contemplation Sunday : Moving During COVID-19, Exploring New Surroundings, Family, Art

Sheila and Adan Circa 1981
Sheila and Adan Circa 1981

I’ve looked for a way to take a day sorta-off from blogging yet keep continuity, and this may fit the bill. I could (and need to) reflect on my blog-week that’s passed, plus include some pictures and links, in case folks missed something they’d like to check out. My header image’ll simply be from one of the posts of the week 😊


Sunshine and higher temps broke out after nearly a week of slight to moderate rain and cloud cover.

Like most things in life, the cooling off before the big heat of summer was a welcome relief, and the return of sunshine and ability to get around with slip-sliding was also. Variability, in some things, must be a good thing indeed! 😊

Sheila and I celebrated our 40th anniversary yesterday by staying home and exploring the nearby Violet Crown green belt section of the trail near our new place, eating at home, and generally having a very nice time ♥️ The difference in the appearance of the Spyglass Barton Springs Greenbelt before and after/during the rains is almost startling, especially considering these were sustained yet mostly light to moderate rain. A deluge has and would shut down access to the trails down the hill from us. I hope to have a contrast post of the creek’s two “looks” this coming week.

We also made significant though certainly way beyond complete progress moving into our new apt. Experience tells us there’s no hurry, and our bodies agree, lol!

My most recent reblog, via American Watercolor, in the few days it’s been present for my April blog view count tied it at the top of my most viewed for the month. Should have a post on April’s top two most viewed very soon!

We even hosted the 8 year old grandson for a shortened intro-night (came over in the evening). When we took him for a short walk about the grounds, he skipped and hum and sang the whole way. Wish we’d take some pics of that, but there’ll be more of that too ❤️

And finally I managed to squeeze in one of my Interesting Tweets posts. Those are almost always fun to put together!

All in all, though still quite tired (and tiring easily), it’s been good.

Hopefully all will be well, for all of us 🙏


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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