June 26, 2021 – Sun and Clouds Sang Dappled Light to Me – Barton Springs Greenbelt, Austin Texas, Part 1

Adan Shadow Selfie 06.25.21 Reflection on Water, Barton Creek Austin Texas


I’m starting a small mini-series of posts about dappled light as a way of helping me get my head around why I like it so much and how I might replicate it in pigment better.

Turns out many of my more favored photos have some degree of dappled light to them. Not all of my favs of course, but many.

What I’ll concentrate on these posts though (2 or more posts, unsure how many yet), is photos I’m capturing, or more accurately, in the process of trying to capture those often unpredictable and uncertain instances while I’m out on the greenbelt near where we live.

Below is one I found interesting yesterday while at the greenbelt. Because there was actually clouds, and breezy, vs nothing but stillness & blue, I was able to go out mid to late morning, vs early as I could go there. The slants of light were more pronounced, yet still not stark or glaring.

Dappled light on Violet Crown Trail at Barton Creek Greenbelt 06.25.21 @Felipe Adan Lerma

Granted, the angle and distance of the object casting the shadows (dappled light) is a major factor, but I’ve seen times of the day when the dark-contrast if much more stark. But I’m still very much just bothering to learn about dappled light, other than it’s pretty, lol! 😊

Notice the image above has is a screen shot from my photo roll on my phone and I’ve included the time stamp —

Reason for that is tomorrow I hope to show a 3 pic sequence, within the same minute (there’s 60 seconds for “things” to happen w/in that minute!) of how very very quickly the whole image’s impact can change.

I was gonna try and post that today, but realized, after going to the Y w/Sheila, going for a walk along Lady Bird Lake after, going shopping at Randalls for “lots” of goodies – nutritious & 😋, and the 8 year old is scheduled to arrive shortly, I better break this post up, for my own good! 😌

So enjoy the light in your life, and tomorrow I hope to show you some interesting contrasts when the light does change!

Stay healthy everyone! ❤️


ps – re my selfie at top of post, I’m not wearing a long coat or such, lol! Too hot! Just shorts elongated by the angle of the light on the water 😊

link to blog post in above tweet 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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