September 02, 2021 – Reblog, “Bob Ross and the Joy of Living Artfully” via Adam Zucker’s Netflix Review

Reblog –
Netflix Review – Bob Ross and the Joy of Living Artfully via Adam Zucker

Adam begins his review with the note above his header image with these words –

Note: this post discusses the recently released Bob Ross documentary on Netflix, so there may be some minor spoilers. However, nothing major in the film gets revealed. I did my best to give only the briefest of a synopsis, while focusing on the pedagogical and social takeaways of Ross’ career and personal life.

And despite the semblance that I’ve went ahead and quoted most all his article here 😊 these are actually grounding outtakes; the “minor spoilers” Adam referenced in the 1st quote above are in the rest of his article, the bulk and meat of his article, as he addresses the value of Ross’ work and life to our own today —

Like everyone else, Ross was more than the sum of his work as an artist, educator and television personality. His complex persona was largely hidden from the masses. Most of us only knew the Bob Ross we saw on the television screen, painting captivating landscapes in front of his easel. A recently released documentary, called Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Greed and Betrayal, fills in the gaps between Ross as a public figure and a private citizen. Similar to his paintings, Ross’ persona consisted of many layers and a spectrum of mishaps and contretemps.

Plus Mr. Zucker includes a short 3 minute YouTube video (pictured at top), a fun ditty remix capturing the sweet spot of Bob Ross and his series ❤️

Although Ross’ landscapes are devoid of human beings, there is definitely a strong element of humanity in his work. He described the way a painting can take the painter on an emotional journey, by saying that a painting “will bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart.”

And I’m glad the article included the above analysis and thought, as it addresses some concerns I myself have had about my own work. As I’ve moved more and more into figure work I’ve also been asking myself if the majority of my previous decades of work were deficient; and nearly always answered, “no.” Meaning I still find the works I already considered good or decent, to still be so. But I’ve lately begun to see the reason why – that emotional journey, that connection to the connections between us and our world. Including each other 💕

I hope you’ll give Adam’s thoughtful post a look. We all need reminders ’bout our “happy accidents” 😊


Be safe everyone! Stay creative, in your own special way!


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  1. Haven’t seen this documentary – thank you for posting! Bob Ross – wow – his shows made me go out and buy paint, canvas, etc., & try a few of those happy trees. He made it seem so easy! Decades later I’m just beginning to understand how difficult it can be. TOTALLY worth it, but difficult. 👏👏👏

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  2. Definitely looking forward to seeing the documentary on Bob Ross. I am not a fan of his work but I do recognise that he brought the idea of art and painting to many people and that is worthy of our appreciation. Thank you also for re-blogging my friend! All the best to you.

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