June 30, 2021 – Reblog/Review : Dappled Shade via Dianne Mize

Dappled Shade via Dianne Mize, Quick Tip 123, YouTube Video https://youtu.be/qVwRieV04G4
Dappled Shade via Dianne Mize, Quick Tip 123, YouTube Video

Those following my blog know I’ve been focused on understanding and hopefully recreating the effects of dappled light, at least more consciously 😊 in my own art, and Dianne Mize’s short YouTube Quick Tip tutorial is perfect for me!

I probably have more reblogs of her posts than anyone else and for good reason, lol!

This particular lesson explains – among several things – why one side of a shadow is often sharper, or softer, than its opposite; how the brightness or dimness of a dappled spot is generated in nature; and as is always the case with Dianne’s teachings – encouragement to let these ideas spur our creativity vs simply copying.

At least, I think, I am doing better consciously capturing dappled light in my photography.

Now, the challenge is applying this in pigment ☺️

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Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, stay creative! 💕


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