October 29, 2021 – Reblog : via Artnet – “Studio Visit: Painter Jo Baer on the Exercise Gear (and Chili) That Are Her Secret to Making Large-Scale Artworks at the Age of 91”

I’d saved the tweet below a few months (date shows it 1st was tweeted late last year, Nov 2020) thinking this would be an involved article with lots of interesting info on Jo’s process working with large-scale art.

I was 1/2 right 😊

First, the part I got wrong was, this is not an involved article. Pretty straight forward, short and, I’d say, very concise, thanks to Ms Baer’s responses.

But the 1/2 I figured right is a great preview for me at 71, hearing an accomplished artist of 91, who, as Artnet puts it —

At 91, artist Jo Baer is still creating large-scale, physically demanding work. And she shows no sign of retiring anytime soon.


The article is too short to reveal too much, yet, within wry wink-of-the-eye short responses to an interviewer’s questions, there’s a lot to pause about, even when seemingly whimsical.

And for me, very on target for how I’m beginning to experience my own creative efforts as I age —

When you feel stuck in the studio, what do you do to get un-stuck?

I’ll often take a short nap.


Yeah, kind of wisdom suits me real well, lol! And I don’t want you thinking Jo is simply being flippant. I realize now, as I myself fortunately continue to age with my creativity, there’s some things needing doing if one is to keep being active. There are things needing being focussed on and not being scattered in regard to one’s thinking also.

Jo Baer addresses those concerns in simple, direct, honest replies that let her focus on her goal – creating the art she wants to make, and the interviewer addresses that also. Plus (at the beginning) gives a brief look at her long history in art.

I think you’ll enjoy this young-at-heart artist’s state of mind and her replies.

It’s intriguing. And interesting. As befits Jo Baer ❤️


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Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, stay active, be creative! 💕


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