September 14, 2021 – Playing with 4K Video to Grab Still Shots

Bird & Squirrel on the feeder 09.09.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Bird & Squirrel on the feeder 09.09.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Now that we’ve had our bird feeder up a few months at our new location, we’ve come across a wider variety of birds (and other critters) and’ve been working at grabbing shots of birds in motion I might could use for sketches and such 🦅

I’ve included small winged lines of birds in many of my paintings, and even have a favored oil of birds on a lamp post, an image I’ve had on Fine Art America but for some reason never posted about here; have to correct that some time 😊 —

And I’ve even used a photograph on a poster; this one an image I’ve used extensively here on my site –

But taking multiple quick still shots, and then video, and now 4K video on my iPhone(XR), I’m seeing all kinds of stuff, lol!

Some parts, like a squirrel trying to commandeer the bird’s feeder (unsuccessfully), not as desirable on our part, lol; but a heck of a sight to see!

And the 4K video does seem to make a difference, as seen by the side by side below —

From the little I’m learning, 4K has 4 times the pixel info as HD (8 vs 2 thousand pixels?), plus I used 60 frames per second (fps) with the 4K vs 30fps with my normal video.

I should add, the pigeons and cardinals and chickadeas that’ve been frequenting the feeder don’t have any problem with the squirrels rummaging along the balcony floor (we do! 😊) but on their feeder, disrupting their balance – yeah, that’s a BIG no-no, lol!

Further along, I want to be able to grab even more nuanced figure shots in movement; though, admittedly, I need to just plain get better at painting them (figures). Still. Being able to grab a nuanced shot of say, the 8 year old, in one of his trademark contorted I’m-having-a-blast jumps in the air as he walks, well – if I can do that and continue improving painting figures, yeah, that’ll be nice ❤️

Take care everyone! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Squirrels are amazing! Their ancestors outlasted the dinosaurs, survived and prospered after the big guys were wiped out, and are still around! Only wish they were smart enough to understand that, if they left the bird feeder alone, I’d gladly give them a small pile of seeds etc each morning, lol! Done that for years, but didn’t have to worry ’bout a bird feeder being hijacked! 😊


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