November 06, 2021 – Oh, I Think I’m Creative Do I? So What Am I Doing With My Unused Paint End of Each Painting Session?

Well, to answer the question straight off, what am I doing with my left over paint end of each session?

Unfortunately (my excuse is it’s too small an amount) it’s usually left to dry on my plastic palettes I like for painting with acrylics (actually I use different plastic one for much of my watercolor work too; but I can re-wet them 😊)

However, in an action-response to my 1st question, meaning if I “think” I’m so creative then….

Well, the answer is the image above, dual image actually, lol!

At least I remembered to work center out this time, vs, as I mentioned in a recent post ( xxxxxxx ), taking my work too far to the edge for my liking.

I work as I can, over/between/and around dr appts, fitness sessions, walking (fitness sessions are more vigorous – for us – sessions Sheila and I do off SilverSneakers or Essentrics or even YouTube) and never quite know which of several growing number of in-progress works I think I’ll have for (depending on where the work is in development) and even of course my mood, lol!

So I’ve no idea what the next color’ll be yet; how I’ll apply it, or where (except hopefully not along the edge 😏

When I work a painting-in-progress, there’s a level of concentration and intent that differs.

Here, with this little on-going no-idea-when-it’ll-be-done (or when) project, I can just play, testing out how particular paints or mediums or brush took might work, just for fun. I can layer, or not. I don’t have a goal in mind.

Whether I can keep that attitude, or maybe I should say, how long, I don’t know, because at some point I’ll decide if a section should stay as-is, free of course til I finish this canvas, to change my mind and layer etc.

For instance, my 1st inlay with what paint I had left, pink-ish, I added a bit of zinc white (transparent) with a palette knife swipe of light molding paste with a dab of soft gel medium, mixed them lightly, then used a long round brush to brush it all on the canvas, making swirls and swishes and what-not.

Using left over paint from painting 10.31.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Using left over paint from painting 10.31.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Not too blended either, just kinda swirly mixed, then left it as I got ready for lunch 😊

Found I was too early, so went back to my easel, got a two inch metal palette knife out, and made this —

Using left over paint from painting 10.31.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Using left over paint from painting 10.31.21 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

And liked it better, so leaving it for now.

The transparencies and tonal shifts, unless they change further as this dries, will be hard for me to lather anything else onto it. I got lucky.

Which happens a lot when I don’t try “too” hard – til of course I either ruin it or have successfully changed it, or more often, left it alone ❤️

What’ll go around this now later, after another painting session, in what color or style, I’ve no idea at this time.

I’d played with the idea, prior to the 2 inlays, of placing masking fluid or removable tape across portions of whatever I laid in, but I honestly don’t have any clear vision of how any of that would improve this little, well, I don’t know what it is. I almost always end up seeing “something” in most any abstract, esp my own. Closest I can come right now is, pink brain? 😊

The top original 1st inlay image btw, looked like big mussy lips to me, lol!

Well, that’s enough of this fun for now, time to get ready to catch up with the 8 year old for another type fun.


Take care everyone!

We all, I think, need that tiny space we can just experiment in; the 8 year old calls it playing! 💕


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    • Exactly right, Margaret – ‘cept I had to keep reminding myself of that, lol! But the 1st left-over painting’s done; being forced to use what I had left over led to whatever image I could create I liked. I ruined a couple of potential really nice paintings along the way, but came up with something really cute; gonna post it next week 😊 Only time I had to go even slightly beyond left over paint was the very end, to finish!

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