August 30, 2021 – Exercises We’ve Been Doing Since the Covid Resurge here in Austin

Miranda Esmonde-White Aging Backwords
Miranda Esmonde-White Aging Backwords

Though we still walk, mostly very early in the morning, before the 100+ degree heat index and 70+ dew point and humidity kick in, lol! – and I rely on Sheila’s fitness tracker for our steps, mine having konked out – and, we’ve had to give up going to classes at several of our preferred fitness centers (not just one of them), we have found an incredible array of short to very short to a little longer workouts via SilverSneakers, Facebook, and YouTube!

Most surprising as a near perfect fit for us are a series of routines via Miranda Esmonde-White, a former ballerina who suffered an injury then recovered by developing gentle movement routines, from beginner to advanced. We’re still at beginner 😊

Her work is available via PBS, YouTube, Facebook, DVDs, books, and streaming via her own website.

Me personally, what I like best about her routines is how they incorporate a smooth gentle dance like movement that incorporates the whole body – I love it! ❤️

Below I’ll list links to each of those places. There’s such a diversity of offerings and vehicles whereby they’re offered, it’s been fun exploring what works for myself and Sheila. We’re still not 100% sure ’cause we keep discovering more options! That’s a good problem 😊

I should also mention that Miranda often explains the “whys” of many of the movements, especially in relation to fascia and unifying our body into a more coherent whole.

Sheila and I, when we were a bit younger ☺️ had obtained certifications in yoga, Zumba & Zumba Gold, SilverSneakers, and group exercise; plus received national certifications via AFAA, a 6 month program (for us), and many of these concepts we 1st learned about there. They’re important, and very helpful in letting understand how our bodies work, and need to work!

I hope you’ll give Miranda’s options a look. There’s lots of free stuff, and of course courses and training etc.

Though I’m impatient for the weather to end its usual summer marathon here in Austin, at lease Sheila and I have several good options thanks to FaceBook, Youtube, SilverSneakers and more. One of the blessings of the digital age 😊

Stay well everyone! When you can find a course of fitness and creatively that aligns with our soul and heart and mind, follow it and see where it takes you ♥️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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