November 16, 2021 – When Framing a Painting, Don’t Act Like You Have a Screw Loose (because you really might!)

Wire hanger for frame & canvas + screws ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Wire hanger for frame & canvas + screws ©Felipe Adan Lerma

There’s a lot of good reasons, despite the apparent monetary savings, most of us prefer not to frame our own paintings, photos etc. Time is one. Fear is another (and sometimes justified, lol!)

The most aggavating for me though is churning happily along, literally taking for the well worn process for granted (I framed pics for a living for many a year when I was younger; even had a shop across from UT) – then stubbornly pressing to push the process without really looking at the problem.

In this case, I had a screw tapped into a starter hole I could..not..make..go past the canvas into the stretcher bar.

I pushed down on my screwdriver and still the small screw would not hold!

Finally I laid it down next to the other screw.

Looked away to think.

Looked back at the two screws, and….

Yeah. One of them didn’t have any threads, lol! 😊

In any group of anything – paints, brushes, framing hardware, and as we well know – people — there’s one, or more, that aren’t screwed right 😏

Luckily I wasn’t down to my last framing hardware. It was an easy fix. I finished wiring my painting and had it on the wall in a few minutes. Lesson learned, sorta…

‘Cause really, can we always double check everything we use daily, or a lot? Some things, maybe, maybe for sure, like being vigilant pulling into traffic. Not pulling an electrical plug with wet hands. Test a stove for hot burners when laying something on that nice glass surface. And many more. Stepping carefully into the shower. Not rushing brushing one’s teeth. And even many more. So we try. What else can we do. After all, we’re not machines unable to even be aware if our programming’s been changed….


Not sure why, but reminds of something the now 8 year old asked ’bout a year ago —

“How did people know what to eat?”

“Well,” I said, “best thing’s to listen to your mommy and daddy.” I went back to eating whatever it was, though I remember I definitely thought it tasty.

The now 8 year old nodded, said, “But if you hadn’t seen the food before?”

I looked up. He seemed pretty intent.

“Well,” I put my fork down. “Maybe read the label? See what it says, if it’s good for you. Lotta times there’s foods that don’t do good with you, for whatever reason. Like me now, I have to have softer food.”

He nodded, pressed on. Patient, but persistent.

“I mean, like long time ago. If you had to go to another place, and pick food, and it was all different, but you were hungry, and no food, you know, from where you’d been before….”

I’d picked my fork back up, but was already ready to set it back down. I felt my lips purse, kinda crookedly, made them mush more into a smile. Laid my for down and pushed a bit away. I could see I wasn’t gonna be needing it for a bit.

“Well. Then.” I looked him back in the eye, gently as I could. “Somebody would need to test eat something that looked like it might be good.”

“But if you couldn’t tell if it was good.”

“If there was no more food, the kind you knew was good. Then. Well. Some one had to test what might be a good food.”

“And if wasn’t”

I laughed. “Well, first, better not let any one else eat it!” He smiled, nodded his head. “Then,” I got softly serious again, “someone else would have to go next, try another food, see if that worked. Otherwise. Everybody’d starve. And. Die anyway.”

We looked at each other for a long moment, and held til he nodded ever so slightly, and went off to play ♥️


Thanks so much everyone! Trust, but watch. Experiment. But note the results…. 💕


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