December 13, 2021 – #AcornTV Shows With Women Leads My Wife & I Both Like, Part 1 – #AgathaRaisin and #QueensofMystery

Agatha Raisin on Acorn TV via Amazon Prime
Agatha Raisin on Acorn TV via Amazon Prime

These shows via Acorn TV on Amazon Prime, comedic or otherwise, though carefully crafted to convey a character, still ring true with complex characterization’s of women I find interesting, compelling and worth watching what else they’ll come up with – and from our shared giggles and hoots, I’d say my wife does too, lol!

After my previous post about Art Books & Covers I liked on Amazon, I figured I’d do the same with the many entertaining shows we discovered on Acorn TV during the pandemic. There’s so many I feel worth sharing though, and the review, being of whole seasons in some cases, and some of those running to 10 or more seasons! I decided an intermittent series on this topic would be best.

I chose Agatha Raisin and Queens of Mystery partly because they were among the very 1st we discovered or came upon, but also because, though both quirky and engaging in their cozy mystery styles, they differ in their front-facing characters’ personalities and types of supporting cast – and yet, deliver similar insightful totally entertaining mysteries!

Acorn TV fronts shows from England of course, but also Ireland, Wales, I think Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We’ve also very recently come across two set in the south of France that my wife and I like very very much! More on those soon, I promise 🤞😊

So here goes – Agatha Raisin & Queens of Mystery 💕


I’m pretty sure when my wife and I 1st picked up Acorn TV through Amazon Prime that I’d read that Agatha Raisin was one of, or actually is Acorn TV’s 1st original programming. That turned out really fortunate for us ’cause by the time we subscribed, 3 seasons were available. And also turned turned out fortunate for us because what became a hint of Season 1, turned full steam ahead Season 2 – this show is in for the long haul, or at least more than just 1 season. Set in England, Agatha Raisin starts out with this interesting yet slightly pompous ( pompy? 😊 ) character that slowly, inexorably, like the passage of time in a day, morphs into this delightfully complex character with vintages of ( in American TV, which was all I knew then ) Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, and maybe bits of the 3 Stooge’s rolled into one, lol! The supporting cast swelled season to season with characters nearly as quirky, even if less dimensional than Agatha herself, and we really hated to see Season 3 finish. Season 4, I’ve read though, is coming….

And we’re waiting………. 😊


Queens of Mystery is described as —

This “wickedly offbeat” (Parade), contemporary murder-mystery series follows the adventures of a perennially single detective and her three crime-writing aunts as they solve murders in the picturesque English region of Wildemarsh.

Queens of Mystery –

Contemporaneous with Agatha Raisin, ie, set in current time, vs say Miss Fisher Modern Mysteries set in 1960s Australia ( also on Acorn TV Prime Video ), Queens of Mystery though offers a more multi-layered character cast with huge potential. With only 1 season available ( and one coming), I hope it’ll be able to maintain the momentum it’d gathered the 1st season. Also an Acorn TV original, the main character, Detective Sgt. Matilda “Mattie” Stone, is (seemingly) a bit more subdued than Agatha, behaves a bit more “traditionally” – though I suspect this will evolve, and yet is superbly able to solve mysteries. To me, she’s like a latent volcano, patiently politely waiting her time, til the time is right. Layered on that though, as a counter-point, are Mattie’s 3 crime writing aunts – head strong, iconically individual, and into distinctly differing interests (writing, art, etc) and that provides the opportunity for what I think are some very original plot driven mysteries of very differing interests, but within a unified cast sharing those interests back and forth between them. I thought it was great fun and was “very” disappointed the 2nd season was delayed, but even more glad it’s returning soon — ( January 10th here in the US ). 😊 The plot points I thought were ingenious and surprising, the aunts ( veterans of PBS etc ) totally convincing and entertaining, and Mattie’s character about as endearing as I can be endeared, fictionally, lol! ❤️




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