December 09, 2021 – 4 Art Titles and Covers That Caught my Eye on Amazon

Art a visual history, 2nd Edition, by Robert Cumming, on Amazon -
Art a visual history, 2nd Edition, by Robert Cumming, on Amazon –

I did a series like this, for poetry titles, a bit back in April this year (2021), and thought I really should do this and maybe a few others for the shopping season, and just to have as reference any time of year, with this one being for art 😊 🎨 👩‍🎨

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I’ll also list a direct link to the art title on Amazon –

It’s where I find this good stuff!! ☺️


Evidently there’s only a hardcover edition, but there’s a new 2nd edition of the above, at , and it’s an even better price than the original edition!


This is an art print of what got Impressionism it’s name – it’s practically still contemporary to me, in its freeform and expressiveness within a tight range of colors ❤️ It comes in lots of sizes and those familiar with how Amazon presents its pages, there’s “lots” of other impressionist work featured in the bottom half of the product page for some very nice browsing! Direct link is


Available in Kindle ( ) and Hardcover ( ), which I think is a good thing. Some folks want to hold the book and feel the pages in their hands, and some prefer having the electronic digital file of the image (and in this case 100+ images!)

In my case, I ordered the free Kindle sample to my reader. I find the easy accessibility of both the text and images to my liking on a digital screen. I can tap and isolate an image, enlarge it and, via my iPad Pro, get a pretty darn good look at the work.

Here’s a tiny text excerpt from the free sample’s Forward I got today —

Abstraction allows the artist to capture shape, line and color, and also emotion. Barbara Benedetti Newton bases her paintings on the emotion she’s feeling. “I start each painting based upon my emotion of the day. The work begins with relating color to my feeling or state of mind. …I try to capture those thoughts to form an overlay of the primary emotion. That results in a visual expression of an in-and-out, back-and-forth exchange of emotions represented by colors, shapes, lines and textures in a sort of windowpane or layered effect.” – Art Journey – Abstract Painting: A Celebration of Contemporary Art


Ninth Street Women is so dense with inspiration of the progress of art, from the 30s into 60s, and a handful of the key women who fueled that journey, it’s hard for me to say how liberating it’s been for me to read these stories of those times and artists – but it had, and still is! Even as I’m still reading through it! Can’t recommend it enough 💕 It’s available in 4 formats, and this is the Kindle link, though you’ll find the other options available on that same page 😊

This book has moved me enough to search out more information about this period and artists, and these are some of my blog posts as a result of that ☺️


I’m sure I’ll have more of this type of post regarding the arts, and for my next blog excursion along these lines, I’ll probably list out / talk about a handful of some very neat new shows we’ve caught on TV, movies and series. Meanwhile, you can browse a list of my previous reviews movies, TV, books, etc at –

Thanks so much everyone! There’s so much to enjoy, I hope you find something here you’ll not only like, but truly appeal 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA, Pixels) –


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    • It’s fabulous, David! It’s a look at a whole art that me here in Texas didn’t even had happened, so personal, so intertwined with history, even among those who think they painted outside of it, I think 😊 You’ll have to let us know what u think! Thanks so much for letting us know! 🙏


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