January 31, 2022 – As the 8 Year Old Tells Grandma, the Art for the People Show Has Opened!

My long awaited 1st showing in a gallery show since last showing at Art for the People in summer of 2019 opened this past weekend and wife and I took the 8 year old to see 😊

He’d been there those nearly 3 years ago & remembered the spacious light, friendly pug and both Lynnie and Hallie who run the gallery – and the ice cream shop next door, lol!

Blue Impressionist Abstract 1 was hung vertically, which I’m glad, ’cause I’ve been trying to figure ways to let folks know that, though I sign the work in one particular corner, these color field- texture blocks work in multiple directions. Sometimes even I am hard pressed to choose which side is up ☺️

So as seen below, I’m quite happy with the show’s start!

Further below is a another shot showing part of the gallery’s expansiveness – and, staggered in a 5-set on the black backdrop, is also the work of a fellow artist friend of ours and our youngest daughter ( mom to the observant 8 year old! ) – Alan Winter.

My photo doesn’t do justice to his nearly stain glass effect, though you can reach him both via his Facebook page, and of course via Art for the People .

He’s a young man who served in the military and since has developed his art to quite a good following 👨‍🎨 🎨

Art for the People show opens in Austin Jan 2022 https://shopartforthepeoplegallery.com/
Art for the People show opens in Austin Jan 2022 https://shopartforthepeoplegallery.com/

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I myself am very pleased to be part of this new group currently showing at Art for the People.

Leaving with the 8 year old to go get some hamburgers, fries, tea, and vanilla creames at Sandy’s Hamburger ( also 1st time in several years), Sheila mentioned to the Lynnie and Hallie how wonderful the show looked, actually best we’d seen there!

And I concur! So if you happen to be in Austin, or can view & purchase online, I can only highly recommend Art for the People for your art considerations ❤️

Stay well everyone! 💕


This tweet is live! 😊

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My Amazon Storefront! 😊 https://www.amazon.com/shop/felipeadanlerma

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] with approx a dozen this size.A handful are fully finished, sides painted, and wired. Two are at the current art show at Austin’s Art for the People gallery. Another, top left, Pink Impressionist Abstract 1, has been submitted to the City of Austin’s […]

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  2. […] panoramas are already part of a series, including two works I recently had accepted at a show at Art for the People Gallery here in Austin.The other, the vertical figure work, New Hat, though one of many figure works I’ve explored […]

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    • Thanks Margaret! I think the show’ll hopefully be up long enough to catch things going kinda back to more active around town, virus wise anyway. Right now we’re looking at a lessor version ( we hope ) cold snap this week than the one about this time last year that knocked the power out over nearly the whole state! Wish us luck 😊

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  3. […] for a full figure watercolor input, much like the smaller but also fully watercolor figure in, Walking in Light, currently showing at Art for the People Gallery here in Austin, vs the acrylic figure seen below in Walking With Stars […]

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    • Thank you, Inese! This is one of the rare rays of hope here for artists like me here in Austin; I hope things improve for all of us. I don’t think pretending the virus isn’t real etc helps, but at least the vaccines are keeping most of us who’ve taken them well enough to continue. Life is fragile, and hope is eternal ❤️ 🙏

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